YOUR MEDIA LIES! 6 Pack DVD value set!

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So everyone and their mom has seen the news. Coronavirus. Nothing else but that. Everyones buying up all the toilet paper, and the eggs, and the chicken, and the milk, and probably more than that if they can get their hands on it.  Buying up all the hand sanitizer. The feds are declaring a state of emergency. Sports events are closing down. Concerts are closing down. Schools are closing down. Bars and restaurants are closing down. They’re probably going to quarantine the world if that’s even possible. Martial law just might occur in certain parts of the world. Everyone is talking and talking and talking about it until people are just SICK OF IT!

But guess what, The UFO Store isn’t closing down. And it isn’t because this is the best DVD library on the internet (though that is part of it), but it’s also because we here at the UFO Store know that this is a situation that has been BLOWN THE HELL OUT OF PROPORTION for the sake of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Folks this is just a virus that gives many people mild symptoms that mimic a cold, and only has a fatality rate of about 2%, most of those being elderly people with underlying conditions.  This is not ebola, or Marburg, or dengue fever or anything like that!!

But can you see behind ALL THE BULLSHIT? This is how a government strikes fear into people. And it’s all through our corrupt MEDIA that it happens! It’s all mind games, mind manipulation, and MIND CONTROL! And it’s not just “Big bad Fox News”…It’s ALL OF THEM!

Since we have an epidemic of mind control and SOCIAL ENGINEERING in this country, I feel that you and everyone else should be aware of all the crap that’s going on behind the scenes. And this is just the pack to do so!