UFOs Have Landed on Planet Earth: Final Countdown to Alien Invasion


Discover that the world is stranger than any X-Files plot! Meet Lloyd Pye and discover the true Origin of our Species. In 1969, mankind finally managed to fulfill a dream when NASA astronauts set foot upon our moon – but do we know what they truly uncovered? In this gripping presentation, we discover a new theory about the true nature of the moon – that it is NOT the barren landscape we have been led to believe, but that others got there first! Are Crop Circles made by Man or Martians? Are they a natural phenomena or a message from the Divine? Thousands of images prove their existence. Science has attempted but failed to unlock their mystery and yet they still remain a much debated subject, discover Crop Circles to close out this amazing, comprehensive 3 DVD.

Running Time: 200 plus minutes
Catalog# WWMM 237



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