UFO Chronicles: The War Room


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UFO Chronicles is an unprecedented and uncensored film series featuring the top authorities on the UFO enigma. Pilots, Astronauts, Government Officials, Military Officials, Medical Experts, Scientists, Religious Leaders and more reveal, in never before seen interviews, the ramifications of the Alien Presence on planet Earth. Retired Command Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean tells a story with an astonishing and convincing message: that we are not alone on this planet and never have been. Compelled to share his discovery of highly classified information he had knowledge of during his military career, he has continued his agenda to inform the public about the existence of Alien races and their relationship with government and military factions. Mr. Dean recounts the contents of the 1964 report called “An Assessment,” the NATO military study that acknowledged and analyzed the implications of the Alien presence on Earth. Mr. Dean has spent twenty-seven years of active duty in the US Army where he retired as Command Sergeant Major after serving as a highly decorated infantry combat veteran. He also served in Intelligence Field Operations and was stationed at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), the military arm of NATO.

“Most fascinating series on Aliens and UFOS ever.” – Extreme DVD.

“Fascinating insight into the industrial military complex” – United Media Network.

“It’s clear that government and military factions have known about the Alien threat since the early 40s.” – Philip Gardiner, best-selling author.

RYE 11309
Running Time: 70 mins with Special Features
UPC: 889290730374


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