UFO Chronicles – The Lost Knowledge


The Ancient Alien theory expanded as regress ion expert Dolores Cannon explains the Alien creators and their intention when creating the earth and the first humans. Also, the man who discovered the first UFO crash in 1947 is remembered by his son, Jesse Marcel Jr. UFO Chronicles is an unprecedented and uncensored film series featuring the top authorities on the UFO enigma. Pilots, Astronauts, Government Officials, Military Officials, Medical Experts, Scientists, Religious Leaders and more reveal, in never before seen interviews, the ramifications of the Alien Presence on planet Earth. The UFO Chronicles collector’s series discloses information you were never meant to know.

Bonus Features include 60 minute feature – Top 20 Mind Blowing UFO Cases: Aliens and the Biggest Cover-Up in History!

“Most fascinating series on Aliens and UFOs ever.” – Overdrive DVD

“Fascinating yet terrifying, this is information the sheople need to know.” – United Media Network

“It’s clear that government and military factions have known about the Alien threat since the early 40s.” – Philip Gardiner, best-selling author


Running Time: 65 mins with Special Features
Genre: UFO, Aliens, Conspiracy
Catalog# RYE 11319
UPC: 760137322993