Latex: Fetish or Fashion?

Almost 200 years ago a Scottish chemist created rubberized fabric for raincoats. Little did he know that his fabric was going to be quickly adopted by the fetish community due to the snug fit and heightened sensations that it brings to the wearer. While the latex fetishists continued to design and refine its uses for sex play, it wasn’t until the 1960s that a fashion subculture truly began to emerge. Latex in the fashion world continued to spread its naughty allure until it eventually made the runways courtesy of Marc Jacobs and Dior. Today it is more popular than ever with fetishists, designers, special effects artists, celebrities and pop stars. Join filmmaker Warren Speed, as he investigates the sexy world of latex …that shiny rubber material that so many people love to touch.

Featuring internationally renowned alternative fetish models Shelley D’Inferno, Katexenna and Dani Divine who are all social media success stories. He chats with Max Deviant who owns the Fetish Alternative Boutique in London, and Marnie Scarlett – a weird and wonderful cabaret performer known for the amazing latex costumes she makes for herself. Also featured is Stacey Black who designs latex for her popular Eustratia brand of clothing, and Latex Fashion TV the world’s leading online channel for latex clothing.

Latex 2

Latex: Fetish or Fashion rocked the world and shocked the world by exposing an underground fetish community that relishes wearing this rubberized fabric that so many people love to touch. In Latex  2, delve even deeper into the fascinating and erotic world of Latex. Featuring renowned alternative fetish models Emmerald Barwise and Sabien Demonia, who are both social media success stories. Also featuring kink educator Mistress Absolute, Skin Two magazine and KFSTV founder Tim Woodward, Yummy Gummy Latex (creators of astounding sheet latex), and leading latex fashion designers House of Harlot and Libidex.

Voyeur: Sabina, Elle and Victoria

Heavily tattooed rock chicks Sabina and Elle live together and work as tattoo artists. We follow them as they arrive home from work, get settled and then decide to try on some new latex outfits they’ve both been sent.  Watch as they sensually lubricate their shiny costumes. Later the pair of busty beauties pamper each other with a massage, before finally showering themselves clean. Victoria works a boring office job, but when she gets home and turns to some kinky fun we see another side of her. Enjoy experiencing her soaking in the bath, moisturizing herself, painting her nails before finally relaxing on her bed. Loaded with delightful feminine charms on display in this voyeuristic yet tasteful soiree.

Voyeur: Jessica & Heidi

Flat mates Jessica and Heidi work different shifts in different office jobs, but once at home they’re both kinky shameless vixens. We follow them individually as they arrive home on separate days and go about their domestic chores in a revealing state of undress .. relaxing, cleaning, having a bath, doing their hair and make-up. They both love trying on lots of different outfits too and we watch as they step in and out of various clothing. Lots of lovely flesh on show in this voyeuristic yet tasteful film.

Voyeur: Anastacia & Carmen

Burlesque dancer Carmen is at home and decides to try out some new costumes and dance moves. However it’s hot work and she’s soon parading around wearing very little at all. She’s an exhibitionist at heart and she just loves to tease. Alternative model Erica just loves to dress up but even more she loves to strip off.  Follow her as she pampers herself, poses in the mirror then pretends she’s doing a naughty photo shoot where anything goes. Lots of lovely flesh on show in this voyeuristic yet tasteful film.

Voyeur: Aurora & Meredith

Aurora is a young mother but she has a kinky side!  When everyone is out, she dresses provocatively and struts around her house without a care in the world, acting as though she’s a shameless harlot. As she gets more daring the clothes come off and she loses herself in the moment! Russian model Meredith has a hot date with a rock star tonight so it’s time to get ready. What rock chick inspired outfit should she wear? How should she do her makeup? Choices, choices – watch as she changes into and out of her seductive outfits. Lots of lovely flesh on display in this voyeuristic, yet tasteful film.


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