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Bigfoot is real. There are thousands of eyewitnesses who have had an encounter with the creature. We have hair samples, foot prints, hand prints, DNA evidence and video evidence yet nobody will even consider it. Most scientists won’t even give the creature a scientific name nor recognize it as an official species. Wonder why that is?  Maybe so that they can protect their “theory of evolution” or other scientific interests that allow them to keep their jobs? Maybe because certain people who hate conspiracy theorists don’t want to have them proven right for once?  Listen to the riveting testimony of those who have encountered the beast first hand and decide for yourself in THIS new DVD Pack!

This Pack Includes:

Bigfoot Girl
After an encounter with Bigfoot as a young child, Kiana immediately felt a connection with the creature she encountered. With the help of fellow Sasquatch experiencers, she sets out to Bigfoot territory, exploring secret locations with recent sightings on a quest to re-encounter the mysterious and mystical creature and find closure to the biggest question of her life.

Discovering Bigfoot
Journey into the heart of Sasquatch Country with Todd Standing who appeared with Survivorman’s Les Stroud in “Survivorman Bigfoot”. Experience three incredible days in the field with Bigfoot researchers, Todd Standing and renowned expert Professor Dr. Jeff Meldrum as they encounter a real live Sasquatch.

Legend of the Goatman
Residents of Maryland claim a half man, half goat creature haunts the forest in Prince George County causing the disappearance of family pets and some unlucky humans. Hikers and hunters have long reported encounters with a massive hairy creature in the Canadian Rockies. Scientists now admit it’s possible that unknown species are still lurking undiscovered in the rural parts of North America.

Alien Paranormal: Bigfoot, UFOs, and the Men in Black
Are Bigfoot creatures traveling to earth in UFO’s, while being covered-up by mysterious men in black? UFO investigator Stan Gordon lays out the research and evidence in this mind-blowing journey into a very strange territory.

Hunting Sasquatch:
Many believe Bigfoot doesn’t exist, but to those who have seen it, there is no question – Bigfoot is real. Encounters with this elusive and strange creature have changed the lives of those who experience its presence, but it has been linked to the death of farm animals, pets and even the disappearance of people.

American Sasquatch Hunters
Today, after decades of searching, the modern day Sasquatch Hunter is armed with the latest technology in search of the beast. Join us as we delve into the psyche of several Sasquatch Hunters and learn what they do and don’t believe.