Secret Societies


Philip Gardiner has spent his life on a crusade uncovering the truth behind myths, legends and ancient mysteries. Author of the best selling Secrets of the Serpent and The Ark, the Shroud and Mary, the author now delves into another aspect of the human enigma with Secret Societies.

In Secret Societies, Gardiner’s quest is to uncover truths and secrets of the world’s most powerful men in history. The journey takes him to dark places – sinister places that existed then and still exist today.

Gardiner delves into a world that is formidably hidden from our eyes and finds himself in situations that seem to mirror the fictional world of the Da Vinci Code.

  • Discover the core of the ‘Secret Societies’ belief systems.
  • Explore the secret origins of Freemasonry and the links to Serpent Cults.
  • Examine the actual members of the “Illuminati”, analyze the history of the group in Europe and America.
  • Discover a link between the “enlightenment experience” and the control of the human mind.

Gardiner finds himself getting involved at a deeper level. His journey shall serve as a reminder to us all that the search for the ultimate truth can often be a terrifying and life changing one.


Running Time: 60 plus minutes
Catalog# RYE 1011


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