Secret Societies: Controlling the Masses


From the dawn of mankind there have been groups with the power and intent to manipulate the masses to their end game of control and dominance over all humanity. Over the centuries there have been elite brotherhoods that have developed incredibly subtle, complex ways to manipulate the people. As populations grew so did the quest for power and the need to create new, improved methods of control. They have invented religions and mysteries; they have seeded revolution and started countless wars. Explore how these ancient secret societies manipulate the masses, the psychology they use to control the way we consume and live our daily lives. Everything we do and think is created for us, even though we believe we are free. This omnipotence began many thousands of years ago, they are our gods, leaders, priests and revolutionaries. They are the secret societies behind the veil of our reality.

Highly compelling and well researched.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies

“The Omnipotence of the Masters of Time and Space Revealed.” – Philip Gardiner, best selling author of “The Serpent Grail”

Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Conspiracy, Secret Societies, Occult, History, Human Interest
Catalog# RYE 1272
UPC: 760137426394