Science of Soul: The End-Time Solar Cycle of Chaos in 2012 A.D.


From the unified mind’s eye of Reality Press author John Jay Harper comes the complete visionary integration of physics and metaphysics, a Science of Soul. Indeed, this spiritual blend of music and mind-blowing graphics coupled with a finely-crafted scientific script filled-to-the-brim with facts will offer viewers the “lost key” to the secrets of the ages that was only briefly introduced in What the Bleep Do We Know? and The Secret. Specifically, our deepest relationship to the “magic of magnetism” and sacred site structures on Earth with the solar flare cycles of our Sun. In no uncertain terms, the Egyptians and Mayans did reveal to us in art, story, and symbolic temple rite form the life force energy that is about to also turn our world upside down and inside out. In a galactic “pole shift” that will ripple its serpentine solar power current through the swirling molten iron core of our planet-then us…this cataclysm will impact consciousness, climate, culture, and civilization like no other nuclear force known to mankind.

Science of Soul unlocks the truth of ancient and modern wisdom-keepers. How Gnostics, Freemasons, Knights Templar, Shamans, Serpent and Sun Gods came to reveal the hidden, and so often, forbidden knowledge of the End-Time Solar Cycle of Chaos in era-2012 A.D.

“John Jay Harper steps boldly to the forefront of mystics and scholars today, as darkness threatens to
engulf the planet.”
Brad Steiger, author of over 150 books including Revelation: The Divine Fire

“John Jay Harper offers the new cutting-edge.”
John Major Jenkins, author of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, Galactic Alignment, and Pyramid of Fire

“Dr. Harper predicts dramatic shifts of magnetic patterns within our Milky Way Galaxy, Sun, and Earth-with results not unlike the fundamentalist religions’ End-Time scenario.”
Professor Frederick O. Mills


Running Time: 60 plus minutes
Catalog# RYE 1004


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