Reality UFO Series Volume 2


Reality Entertainment presents the Reality UFO Series V2, the second in a unique series in conjunction with Hard Evidence and Ufologist Magazines. Featuring the most compelling and well documented cases in UFO and Paranormal History.

Reality UFO Series Volume 2 includes:

Dr. Richard Boylan Ph.D., B.A.

Dr. Boylan is a Researcher, Behavioral Scientist, Exo Anthropologist, emeritus University Associate Professor of Psychology, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, author, consultant, and researcher. Dr. Boylan provides hypnotherapy for recalling full details of partially-remembered close encounters with alien beings, and for exploring previous life experiences stored in subconscious memory. Reality UFO V2 includes his presentation of “Star Kids and Star Seeds, their origin, identity and mission”.

Freddy Silva

Freddy Silva is one of the world’s leading experts on UFO’s, crop circles and sacred sites, and a highly regarded researcher into the interaction between temples and consciousness. As a best-selling author and filmmaker he frequently lectures internationally, and has made keynote presentations at the International Science and Consciousness Conference, and the International Society For The Study Of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, in addition to appearances on The History Channel, Discovery Channel, BBC, numerous video documentaries, and radio shows.

Peter Khoury

Peter’s first UFO Abduction experience was in 1988, Peter has a mark on his head where a needle was inserted by the beings. He also has a scoop mark on his right leg where a sample was taken. His 1992 Abduction Experience which involved two alien females, a blonde and an Asian, became the world’s first UFO abduction case with biological evidence. The two hair samples, were DNA tested using the PCR method. The investigation is still on going.

Keith Basterfield

Keith has been involved in the area of UFO research for over two decades. In 1981 his book on Australian UFO reports “Close Encounters of an Australian Kind”, was published, followed in 1997 with a revised version of “UFOs: A Report on Australian Encounters”. An active member of the UFO community, Keith Basterfield has lectured around the world and been involved in many of the UFO organizations.


Running Time: 180 minutes
Catalog# RYE 1054

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