Project Blue Book Exposed


Project Blue Book was the catalyst to the modern day UFO cover-up that still exists today. The startling fact is we may be in the same position now as then, as it relates to the phenomena. We are still in an age of denial about the magnitude of this phenomenon and what its implications mean for all mankind. Perhaps there are secret factions that have indeed communicated with alien entities and have received technology from them. But from the outside looking in, it appears nothing has changed as the UFOs continue to violate our airspace with impunity; and as before, military factions are powerless against the unknown invaders.

Based on the landmark best selling book “Blue Book Exposed” by Kevin Randle, Lt.Col USAR (retired)

“A seminal work that belongs in the Smithsonian of UFO research.“ – Jim Marrs, star of Ancient Aliens and the New World Order

“The shocking truth about the Alien Agenda is something that the people of Earth are not prepared for.“ – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies


Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre:Feature Documentary, Alien, UFO, Paranormal, Historical
Catalog# RYE 1259
UPC: 760137369295

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