Nostradamus Future Tense


There are some people who have walked this planet that leave behind a legacy so profound that their name is remembered for generations. They affect society and draw followers from far and wide. Sometimes these people become messiahs, sometimes they become serial killers. Nostradamus will be remembered in the annals of history firstly as a prophet and seer. Others will remember him as a con-artist, thief and liar. As is ever the case, it is often a matter of what you believe. But the truth is that there are even now in the 21st century predictions made by that infamous character that cannot be explained with rationality. From predicting the death of kings and the emergence of evil upon the world to the very end of civilization as we know it. Welcome to the world of the most famous and infamous prophet, Michel de Nostredame aka Nostradamus.

“Way beyond a conspiracy theory.” – Extreme DVD

“Shocking and revelatory.” – Videoscope

“Well researched and highly compelling.” – OH Krill – Author of Montauk Babies


Running Time: 70 mins plus special features
Genre: Conspiracy, Prophecy, End Times
Catalog# RYE 1252
UPC – 760137336594