Nazi Technology: From The Occult to Aliens and UFOs and the 3rd Reich – MEGA DVD SET!!!


The Nazi party was obsessed with the Occult; they scoured the globe in search of mysterious forces that would enable them to build their 1000 Year Reich. From the Holy Grail to the lance that pierced the side of Christ; from Tibet to the Antarctic; no region or mythological device was ignored. In fact, they turned the planet inside out looking for something ancient, something the Nazi elite called “the most powerful weapon” – a weapon that would instill such awe that it would cause the entire world to surrender overnight. Then suddenly during World War II, the Nazi’s achieved a massive leap in technology. From the first jet aircraft and V-2 rocket encompassing incredible advancements in science and engineering, the Nazis were miles ahead in every area, including genetic manipulation, mass hypnosis and unfathomable experiments into the nature of time and space itself.  But where did this quantum leap emanate from? The US captured Nazi Germany’s top scientists, including rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun, who with other former Nazis, provided information and technological advancements that would propel the US space program on a fast track to the Moon. But where did the Nazis get this knowledge? Von Braun said more than once “we had help.” This is real forbidden history; this is the story of the Nazis and the Aliens from outer space.


Adolph Hitler’s Great Escape: Occult Weapons of War –

Adolf Hitler and hundreds of high ranking Nazi’s escaped to South America at the end of World War II. New evidence suggests that the Allied governments knew he was still alive and helped conceal the truth that he was living in Argentina with his wife, Eva Braun Hitler. Based on the best selling book, “Hitler In Argentina” by Harry Cooper, a renowned WWII expert and researcher who uncovered little known information on the escape of not only Adolf and Eva, but also Martin Bormann, Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, Klaus Barbie, the notorious “Butcher of Lyon” and others. Cooper reveals Germany’s “Wonder Weapons,” the Nazi Bell, Flying Disks, Black U-Boats and the shocking history regarding the German base in Antarctica.

Adolf Hitler: Pure Evil –

There have been many evil men in the history of the world including serial killers, rapists and mass murderers – but none of them as extreme and as monstrous as Adolf Hitler. He dominated the hearts and minds of the German nation and catapulted them into infamous world history. When Hitler rallied the nation, his oratory was so spellbinding and powerful that many claimed he was possessed. When he lifted the spear of destiny he knew that he held the course of human history in his hands. Occultists claimed that Hitler was possessed by the ancient god Moloch and prophesied that he would bring destruction on a massive scale. The Bible said the Anti-Christ would rule for seven years, that he would appear to be ordinary and could be lost in a crowd. No wonder so many pointed the finger at Hitler as the embodiment of the Anti-Christ. New research reveals that the Nazi party went headlong into the abyss of the Occult and was engulfed in the most evil energy in the universe.

3rd Reich: Evil Deception –

In the 1930’s an entire nation was brainwashed. It was manipulated by masters of propaganda and the arcane arts. The result was the deaths of millions of people. The men behind this massive scheme were members of the most evil and vile of political parties ever to have existed. We know them as the Nazis. Their purpose was to bring about the rise of a so-called Aryan race, a race that would rule the world for a thousand years. This would be their 3rd Reich. To accomplish this nefarious grand scheme, they needed to eradicate certain races from the globe and subjugate others, as well as needing millions of people to believe and follow only them. And so they created a messiah, a god on Earth. His name was Adolf Hitler and he would become the greatest master of manipulating the hearts and souls of mankind in recorded history. From mass hypnosis to blatant propaganda, from control of the media, to eradicating the opposition, all methods were employed. This is the story of how that apocalyptic agenda was brought to fruition and the methods used to control the minds of men, women and children.

Alien Contact: Secret Societies

Thousands of years ago a special, genetically advanced race of beings came to Earth. They were seen as Gods by primitive man and worshipped. They set themselves apart and yet some mated with humans and created a special race. When these watchers departed, this hybrid species remained and taught mankind. Civilization emerged with writing, art, science, mathematics, geometry, engineering, architecture and more and spread around the globe. The human race, that had existed for tens of thousands of years as hunter gatherers now had systematic knowledge on a startling level. They organized and cultivated the land, forged steel, built massive pyramids, built empires, and eventually became so technologically bound that the entire race could be monitored and governed with ease.

3rd Reich: Hitler’s UFOs and the Nazi’s Most Powerful Weapon –

The Nazi’s possessed technology that was 100 years ahead of the allies. After being captured, many top scientist and psychisists of the elte Nazo regime admitted they were assisted by an outside force and that the 3rd Reich’s ultimate mandate was to create “the most powerful weapon”. Hitler’s UFO’s is the story of the Nazis and and the Aliens from outer space.

Secret Societies: Dark Secrets of the Nazi –

At the end of the Second World War the United States government (under Operation Paperclip) extracted Nazi scientists from Germany. Very quickly top secret scientific testing started to happen all across America. Project MK ULTRA was formed by the CIA. The US government proceeded to drug, rape, torture, and murder innocent citizens from all walks of life.


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