Secret Societies/Illuminati: MARTIAL LAW IS IMMINENT DVD Pack



YES, They are Controlling Our Minds
What was once an Orwellian fable is now our reality. Even though our ancestors were controlled by the ruling elite comprised of royalty and religions, they would not recognize what has become of our world today and amazingly very little has in fact changed. The difference is, we believe we are free, when in truth we are controlled, manipulated and cajoled into action or inaction. We are bled dry of our money, time, lives and even our very souls. Prepare to open your eyes to the world of social media, news sites, marketing and propaganda that makes us live the lives we do. Yes, they ARE controlling our minds.

America Derailed: The Fall from Greatness
The once great United States of America is now more like a dilapidated locomotive gone off the tracks. Never has there been more political unrest, anger and confusion in our once great country. Despite the “advancements” of technology and the perhaps delusional notion of “progress,” America has never been more divided or more in upheaval since the Civil War. Explore the history behind how we got there today and the horrors our government has committed along the way.

A Prison on Earth
The very advent of time began the slave master hierarchy between us and those unseen forces behind our every action and thought. They built and created “rules” and systems of thought, created kingdoms and spawned religions used to rule the masses from afar by controlling the ebb and flow of space and time on an epic level. Under the guise of “free will” and “individualism” the systems in place around us actually ensure that we have no choice but to comply and obey an underlying agenda that at its core is evil, and have been put in place by beings that feed and are nurtured by the control they maintain over planet Earth.

A Conspiracy to Rule: The Illuminati
There is a sinister group that controls the world. They hide behind a system they have created, that they control from within other organizations that have a global reach. They are not presidents and politicians; they are the ones who manipulate such people like puppet masters. Are you prepared for the truth? Then join us on our journey into the heart of the Illuminati.

Conspiracy Chronicles: 911, Aliens, and the Illuminati
It is widely believed that the 9/11 attack was an inside job- but by whom? Many believe it was a political ruse to instigate war with the Middle East and to justify removing many of our civil liberties.  Also, since 9/11 we have been placed under a microscope, our privacies removed as we are being watched and profiled by a sinister force with a malevolent agenda. The theories and conclusions that the Government was responsible, though partially true, have taken a surprising new twist- as there may be another explanation, one much larger in scope and much more terrifying.  Testimony from an insider reveals an unholy alliance that formed in the 1940’s between the elite force that truly governs our planet, the Illuminati, and an Extraterrestrial race that has inhabited the Earth since Man’s beginning. Together they have orchestrated a plot to eventually enslave the human race through a single planetary Governing system – known as the New World Order. The 9/11 attack was one of many stages, but the insider warns that the stage we face next may be the final phase – and the end of humanity as we know it.

New World Order: The Conspiracy to Rule Your Mind
This DVD chronicles how the ruling elite have established global domination and the ability to affect the thoughts, decisions, and world view of human beings across the globe by systematically infiltrating the media, academia, industry, military and political factions under the guise of upholding democracy. Learn how this malevolent consortium has dedicated centuries to realize an oppressive and totalitarian rule through any means necessary, not limited to drug trafficking, money laundering, terror attacks and financial crisis within the world economy. Worldwide tyranny is already in full effect, the food we eat and the air we breathe are not off limits. Will we be able to stop this madness before we become an electronically monitored, cashless society wherein ever man, woman and child is micro chipped? The New World Order is upon us – preserve your liberty by being PREPARED!

OVER NINE HOURS of  research, knowledge and intrigue!