Knights Templar and the Freemasons – Awesome DVD BOXED SET!



Knights Templar Rise and Fall
Eons ago, an enigmatic group of warrior monks made history, in the 21st century we still look back upon their history and mystery with wonder and speculation. They are linked to the Holy Grail, and the Ark of the Covenant. They discovered a shocking artifact buried deep beneath the Temple of Solomon and held mankind’s greatest secret of all by banding together to protect it for centuries, they are the Knights Templar.

Legacy of the Knights Templar
They are the evil enemy in Assassin’s Creed; the guardians of a sacred dynasty; the holders of arcane knowledge. For two hundred years they were adored, admired, reviled and feared. No Order came near to their wealth and power. Vast sums of money passed through their hands. Huge estates, great castles and houses stretched across the known world. Their legacy is one filled with mystery. Explore the true secret of the Templars and the mysteries of the ancients.

Secret World of the Knights Templar
Within every religion there lurks an underground network controlling and manipulating those in power. Great knowledge was fostered and hidden by these groups. Wars and revolutions were carefully planned and orchestrated by a Universal Brotherhood. The knowledge and power of these people would be deemed sacred and protected. Whether it was practical methods of survival such as navigation and measurement or inner psychological and spiritual wisdom, it would become the foundation for secret societies the world over.

Freemasonry and the Knights Templar: Legacy of Secrecy
They survived religious and state persecution and still exist today. Many are members, but not even all initiates know the arcane truths that fostered their brotherhoods. Unravel the myths, mystery and history of the Freemasons. Discover their origins and how this clandestine group continues to have influence over the world today. In this uncompromising and comprehensive DVD presentation we see hard evidence direct from the minds of experts – not the imagination of speculative writers.

Forbidden Knowledge: Aliens, Templars and Sacred Monoliths
Throughout millennia, the ruling elite have obtained and hidden from the masses the vast ancient knowledge and technology given to man by the gods. While forcing the populace to obey and believe a repressive doctrine, they themselves pursue an agenda of total dominion upon the planet for reasons beyond that of conquest and the material but for sinister motives that affect all of mankind.

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