Keys to The Code


In this second installment of this exclusive series we learn the sacred truths of ancient and medieval symbolism employed by secret societies such as the Freemasons. We listen to the teachings from across the ages, drawn together from a lifetime of learning. Tim Wallace-Murphy regularly travels the globe teaching at Masonic Lodges, Spiritual Retreats and major conferences. Here for the first time we can listen to the wisdom of our ancestors in the comfort of our own home and delve into the mind of one who truly understands the sacred nature of God on earth as seen by ancient Gnostics and understand the psychological and spiritual power of symbols.

From cave paintings to Egypt and from pagan sculptures to Christian churches we are led on a journey of profound depth. It’s time to listen to the voice of wisdom…

Tim Wallace-Murphy is an international best-selling author known throughout the world for his deep knowledge of Rosslyn, the Knights Templar, Sacred Geometry and Rex Deus – the real bloodline of Jesus Christ and the sacred continuation of esoteric and gnostic knowledge.

He has been the expert consultant to many scholars and authors on these subjects most notably Dan Brown, the author of the Da Vinci Code. His best selling books include The Mark of the Beast, Rosslyn: Guardians of the Secret of the Holy Grail, Rex Deus: The True Mystery of Rennes-Le-Chateau, Cracking the Symbol Code and many more. The first part in this DVD series is called The Real Bloodline.

He is a doctor of medicine and psychology and has spent decades researching the ancient traces of the wisdom tradition.


Running Time: 60 plus minutes
Catalog# RYE 1012


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