Inside The Freemasons


Are the Freemasons a secret society? Or a society with secrets? What are their rituals all about? What does it look like inside a Lodge?

In this film we take you inside the Grand Lodge of England with unique footage of the various rooms, symbols and tools of the Craft. Listen to a rare interview with John Hamill, the Communications Director of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Prepare for an unprecedented insight into the often mysterious world of the Freemasons. Whether you are a Freemason or a Conspiracy Theorist, this film will help you understand the role of the Freemasons in our society.

“This is a fascinating film that any serious investigator of secret societies should see. It gives first-hand accounts of exactly how the Freemasons see themselves, what they do and why they do it.” -Philip Gardiner, author of the best selling book and film, Secret Societies.


Running Time:70 minutes,
Catalog#RYE 1076


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