Gateways to the Otherworld


This DVD provides answer to the most profound question mankind has been asking himself for as long as there has been consciousness – is there life after death?

We discover that a technique exists in which we can all travel and journey to “other realities” which exist within us. Through the science of quantum physics, Gardiner shows that ancient man was far more advanced than we previously believed. The author actually undergoes his own experiments to prove the point.

Is there a universal frequency so perfect that it allows the mind to travel into other realms? Did our ancestors know of this special harmony? How does all this relate now to the holographic universe and the concept of quantum entanglement? Does the Great Pyramid hold a real secret to the quantum realm? Are there ancient methods of healing here that would benefit mankind?

In an all encompassing work, the author uses the science of the day in conjunction with the most ancient of teachings bringing them into the current day reality. We see the wonders of the ancients in their incredible buildings, built for a unique method of travel; we spot clues to the very real Atlantis and we come to our own end and discover a new beginning. Will anybody be able to say that they no longer believe in an after life? Will anybody say that there is not more to life than meets the physical eye?

Philip Gardiner is the best selling author of several books, including Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed and The Ark, The Shroud and Mary. He has appeared on hundreds of international radio and television programs as well as documentaries including Freemasonry for the Discovery Channel.


Running Time: 60 plus minutes,
Catalog# RYE 1016


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