Elusive: Bigfoot Abroad


The Bigfoot creature is well known in North America but reports of 8 foot tall unknown primates abound in the forests of the UK and are reported weekly.  This Euro Sasquatch is described by eyewitnesses as being between six and eight feet tall with a pronounced brow, a rounded crested head like a gorilla and often all black in color. There are over 500 sightings of creatures fitting these descriptions and many encounters border on the supernatural.

“Amazing Accounts of Bigfoot from around the World!” – Rick Wallen, Sasquatch Hunter

“The evidence is overwhelming, we have an UNKNOWN primate.” – Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Professor of Anthropology at Idaho State University


Running Time: 97 mins
Genre: Feature Documentary, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Science and Nature, Human Interest
Catalog# RYE 1262
UPC: 760137383895