Cosmic Conspiracy


There is a conspiracy to rule the world, but the truth is far stranger than fiction. The truth in essence, is that Reality isn’t what it seems. With UFO sightings on the rise, sinister programs to spy on unsuspecting citizens and black projects like MK Ultra proven to be real, what’s left in that massive wake is the question of “what else” is going on that we are not aware of? This is the question we should be asking ourselves, what is being kept from the people and why? An intelligent mind can only deduce that there are indeed clandestine groups that control the world, through a web of deceit spun from their conspiracy machine, creating a “reality” that most people abide by. Reality is changing everyday, being manipulated like clay to serve the agenda of these elite puppet masters. Now is the time to awaken, and realize the biggest conspiracy of them all – the Cosmic Conspiracy.

“Startling and shocking, this new evidence is a bombshell.” – Philip Gardiner, director of “A False Reality”

“If you ever doubted the existence of Aliens and UFOs, watch this film.” – United Media Network

“We Are Not Alone.” – Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar D. Mitchell


Running Time: 70 mins with Special Features
Genre: UFO, Aliens, Conspiracy
Catalog# RYE 1246
UPC: 760137284390