Bible Prophecies


Does God have a plan for the world? There are numerous Bible passages that tell us about communications between God and his prophets that predicted revelatory events and an end to our world. Explore the Bible Prophecies that will not only affect the chosen, but all of humanity. Hidden within the bible are sacred and ancient secrets. The truth about the marriage of Jesus and Mary and their children; The destruction of the tower of Babel by an alien race called the Anunnaki and the hidden code that holds divine revelation about future events. It’s time to investigate the many theories and discover the real secrets of the Bible conspiracies.

“Startling research and insight!” – Vatican Insider

“The Bible Code Exposed!” – Dr. John Jay Harper

“Gardiner’s research exposes what scholars have overlooked for so long.” – Film Society


Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Religion, Conspiracy, Faith, Bible Prophecy
Catalog# RYE1221
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