Bible Conspiracies




The validity of the Bible has been debated and fought over for centuries. Stolen and adapted by other religions, it has spawned hundreds of sects and cults. Experts say much of what we read in today’s version is riddled with deception and diversion, however there are also sacred and ancient secrets hidden within. The truth about the marriage of Jesus Christ to Mary Magdalene and their children; the real name of Jesus Christ and his unusual origins; the total destruction of the Tower of Babel by a strange alien race called the Anunnaki; Sodom and Gommorah being destroyed by a nuclear explosion; and even the hidden mathematical code that holds within it divine revelation about future events. Explore and investigate the latest theories and research and discover the real secrets of the Bible.

“Startling research and insight!” – Vatican Insider

“The Bible Code Exposed!” – Dr. John Jay Harper

“Gardiner’s research exposes what scholars have overlooked for so long.” – Film Society

Reality Is What You Make It

RYE 1192
Running Time: 67 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Religion, Conspiracy, Faith, Bible Prophecy
UPC: 191091196434
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