Before Atlantis: The Land That Time Forgot


He reveals 20-million-year-old quartzite tools discovered in the remains of extinct fauna in Argentina and other evidence of ancient pre-human cultures from which we are not descended. Joseph traces the genesis of modern human civilization to Indonesia and the Central Pacific 75,000 years ago, launched by a catastrophic volcanic eruption that abruptly reduced humanity from two million to a few thousand individuals worldwide. Tying in his extensive research into Atlantis and Lemuria, Joseph provides a 20-million-year timeline of the rise and fall of ancient civilizations, both human and pre-human, the evolutionary stages of humanity, and the catastrophes and resulting climate changes that triggered them all–events that our relatively young civilization may soon experience.

Running Time: 60 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Atlantis, Pre-History, Conspiracy
Catalog# WWMM 296
UPC: 887936790249


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