Ancient World Exposed: Atlantis, Egypt and Monoliths


There are many mysteries in our world, from Crop Circles to Sasquatch, but some run deeper into our collective past than we can imagine and are older than time itself. Today, we are finding undiscovered pyramids, lost cities and epic sites, strange man-made objects and more, buried deep within the mysterious layers of the Earth’s past. New discoveries abound and it appears we have barely scratched the surface of what lays ahead in reclaiming our ancient history. This comprehensive multi-feature set contains the culmination of decades of intense, cutting edge research from some of the world’s leading authors into these Ancient Mysteries of our long forgotten past. Atlantis Rising – With every decade, a new discovery of ancient structures on the ocean floor emerges. Is Atlantis a legend, myth, or the missing link to human history? Explore the mystery of Atlantis and discover the enigma that has captivated the world since the time of Plato. Egypt’s Past Revealed – Startling new evidence regarding the origins of civilization traces mankind’s ancient roots back to a remarkable site with definitive evidence that civilization emerged from a very different origin than we are led to believe. Sacred Sites and Earth Energy – A team of experts comes together to unravel the mysteries of Earth energy and our connection to Nature herself. Metaphysical concepts, once termed “fantasy” by the scientific establishment are now proven to be the truth.



Running Time: 230 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Atlantis, Unsolved Mysteries, Forbidden Knowledge, History
Catalog# RYE 1201
UPC: 191091398470


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