Ancient Extraterrestrials: Aliens and UFOs Before the Dawn of Time


Sitchin was born in Russia, raised in Palestine and graduated from the University of London. He worked for years as a journalist and editor in Israel before settling in New York. Sitchin, like Velikovsky and Von Daniken, gives a compelling and entertaining presentation detailing the evidence that ancient aliens from other worlds have not only visited the earth but plan to return. Sitchin’s theories are based on the assumption that ancient myths are not myths but historical and scientific texts. According to Sitchin, the ancient Sumerian clay tablets discovered in the early 1900’s reveal that gods from another planet called “Nibiru” arrived on Earth some 450,000 years ago. The ancient Sumerians knew of this planet of the gods, that Sitchin termed the “12th Planet.” Learn of a time when there were “Giants upon the earth” and hear of a time when man lived amongst his gods as cited in the Bible.

180 minutes plus Special Features
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