Ancient Astronauts: The Return of the Gods


At the turn of the century, in the area now known as Iraq, British archeologists discovered thousands of clay tablets detailing a time when the first civilized people lived amongst their gods, which they called the “Anunnaki.” These people were the ancient Sumerians, who left intricate wall carvings showing their interaction with these beings and depicting them with wings or coming down from heaven on winged disks. They possessed detailed information about our solar system including the existence of the planet of the gods, called “Nibiru.” They also understood that this planet had an elliptical orbit returning to the earth’s proximity every 360,000 years. The Sumerian sign for the 12th planet the “Planet of the Crossing,” was a cross. Are we getting closer to the return of the Gods? Learn of a time when there were “Giants upon the earth” and see actual evidence and artifacts from a time when man lived amongst his living gods. Featuring top experts and researchers from the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series.


Running Time: 150 mins plus Special Features
Genre: UFO, Aliens, Conspiracy
Catalog# RYE 1113
UPC: 887936631030


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