Aliens Exposed


Do Aliens walk among us? One out of ten people may have encountered an Alien in their midst. They could be a friend, a neighbor, even a relative. A growing number of people believe that aliens have visited Earth and have been here a very long time. Some believe they are here now, watching over the human race. The Alien agenda is as shocking as the abductions that have been occurring for hundreds of years and new evidence suggests that they have been infiltrating our society for decades.

“Fascinating research and insight into a global phenomena.” – Philip Gardiner, author of the Serpent Grail

“Finally, the facts coming to light, the Aliens are HERE.” – Paranormal Magazine

“Shocking insight into the enigma of Alien races and their agenda.” – United Media Network

“Humans are under the control of a strange force that is bending them in absurd ways, forcing their role in a bizarre game of deception.” – Dr. Jacques Valle

Running Time: 70 Mins plus Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, Aliens, UFOs, Science & Nature Docs
Catalog # RYE 1236
UPC: 760137247791

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