Aliens and UFO’s: Legend of Planet X


We explore the origins of the “winged disk” symbol found in Sumerian and other cultures dating back to 3800 B.C. and possibly far earlier. It was used to depict the home world of where they believed their gods the Anunnaki came from. We now know that planet as Planet X, or “Nibiru” which stood for “planet of the crossing” and was symbolized by a winged disk. Science is now detecting a large force that seems to be affecting the motion of the planets and probes we send into space. Astronomers have been searching the cosmos for a large unknown body to explain these effects. See the latest evidence in the search for Planet X, with new data about our binary solar system having two suns and more. Join Jason Martell, star of the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series, in an in-depth, comprehensive look at our forbidden origins.


Running Time: 70 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Aliens, UFOs, Conspiracy
Catalog# WWMM319
UPC: 889290087201



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