Alien Watchers: Ancient Gods




Upstanding people from all walks of life around the world have witnessed UFOs. Millions in fact have not only seen a UFO, but have undergone bizarre, other worldly UFO experiences ranging from alien abduction, to visions of unearthly apparitions, and out of body experiences. Millions more remain silent through fear of being ridiculed. The fact is, what modern man is experiencing is not new because it has been going on for millennia. We have vivid accounts of such phenomena passed down from the most ancient of times stating clearly that not only were there visitors from another world, but that they gave humanity a vast knowledge of art, culture, architecture, agriculture and science. We are just now rediscovering the unearthly influence that eons later would appear to have risen out of nowhere in what is now known as Iraq. The Watchers became masters over mankind and a hybrid race was born. But all was not well in the new Eden and a great battle ensued. The ancients knew them as the Watchers, we know them as Aliens. Prepare to learn the incredible story of mankind’s ancient past and how it links to the ever increasing wave of UFO experiences in our world today.

“Staggering Evidence that we are clearly NOT alone.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies

“Exposé that bores deep into the biggest story in history” – Matt Clark, Overdrive DVD


Running Time: 70 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: UFO, Aliens, Conspiracy
Catalog# SYE 038
UPC: 812073021697


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