Alien Global Threat


Are Aliens from other planets coming here as benign messengers or as a global threat? Who are the Aliens and what do they want? Many credible sources with the highest level of security have already admitted much about the Alien presence. From top ranking ex-military personnel, to presidents and astronauts, much information about the Alien alliance has leaked out, but why are we kept in the dark about this global interaction with our planet? New research reveals that world governments have had a secret pact with aliens for decades and that human abductions are being allowed by government and military factions because a secret war exists against nefarious alien races with a sinister agenda.

“Fascinating research and insight.” – Philip Gardiner, author of the Serpent Grail.

“You can’t tell the people, it would cause mass hysteria.” – The UFO Collective.

“Finally, the facts coming to light.” -Paranormal Magazine.

Running Time: 70 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Alien, UFO, Conspiracy
Catalog# RYE 1187
UPC: 889290606907

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