Alien Contact – Nasa Exposed 2


A former astronaut recently went on record to allege that there is abundant evidence that we are being contacted by Alien races and that these civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. These claims also state that the Alien creatures appearance “is bizarre compared to any type of traditional western point of view and that these visitors use the technologies of consciousness and that they use “toroids,“ co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems. In addition, the recent discovery of 1,300 exoplanets that could sustain life has rocked the scientific world. Now more and more people, from world leaders to former astronauts, are testifying that UFOs not only exist, but that Aliens are here and have been monitoring the human race for centuries.

“Fascinating insight into the greatest secret never told.”- OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies

“Incredible exposé on what’s REALLY going on in outer space.” – Philip Gardiner, international best-selling author

“Everything you’ve been told is a lie.” – Extreme DVD

“I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets.” – Major Gordon Cooper (NASA astronaut)

Running Time: 67 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Conspiracy, Aliens, UFO, History
Catalog# RYE 1205
UPC: 191091451519