Alien Armageddon: End of Days


A nefarious enemy, hidden from humanity for millennia, has been secretly controlling not only mankind’s progression, but the Earth’s as well. They are a malevolent Reptilian species from another solar system with one goal in mind – to groom humans for their own sinister needs. Over the centuries humans have been genetically modified by way of abductions and environmental augmentations. They have altered the planet’s climate to expedite the process of making Earth uninhabitable. Within 200 years humans will be forced to relocate to a New World — with the help of the Reptilians, under the guise of a hopeful and prosperous future in another solar system.n. The terrifying truth, however, is their true agenda — to sentence humanity to a perpetual nightmare of slavery and genocide under their rule.

“Riveting expose on the secret war in outer space” – Philip Gardiner, best selling author

“If you ever doubted the existence of Aliens and UFOs, watch this film” – Rick Wallen, director of Molon Labe

Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, New World Order, Aliens and UFOs, Social/Political Documentaries
Catalog# RYE 1269
UPC: 760137417392