Alchemy: Human Transformation


In this program Adrian Gilbert delves deeper than ever in order to penetrate the mystery of medieval alchemy. Going beyond psychology, he explores how the alchemists used diagrams and traditional nomenclatures to discuss ideas that had they been expressed openly at the time, would have invited persecution and maybe even burning at the stake. These ideas of self-transformation throw light on the work of such influential, modern teachers as G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky. Alchemy, it turns out, is the missing fragment of their “unknown teaching.” Featuring renowned author and researcher Adrian Gilbert in this ongoing series of Occult and Esoteric Knowledge.

“Alchemy is the art of transformation and this film will become part of your own, personal phase transition into another state of being.” – Best Selling Author, Philip Gardiner.

“A brilliant exposition of the true nature of alchemy and it’s deep, inner mysteries.” – Awesome Magazine.

“Of the many books and documentaries about alchemy, this truly stands out and shines like gold formed from lead.” – Alchemy and Renewal Society.

Running Time: 60 minutes plus special features
Genre: Alchemy, Meta-Physics, Spirituality, Supernatural, Paranormal
Catalog# RYE 7004
UPC: 889290409898


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