AI The Final Countdown


AI is taking over and there’s nothing we can do about it, it’s too late. Soon Artificial Intelligence will effectively take over the planet and dispose of humans in the process. Replacement of the entire work force is already in full swing and Robot rebellion is no longer fiction, it’s reality and we have to act now for humanity to have a chance of survival before the hive mind takes over.

“The evidence is overwhelming, humanity is in serious trouble.” – Flatlands

“Well made, fascinating and damned scary.” – Paranormal Mag

“Humans are under the control of a strange force bending them in absurd ways, forcing their role in a bizarre game of deception.” – Dr. Jacques Vallee


Running Time: 70 mins plus special features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Science and Technology, Conspiracy, New World Order
Catalog # RYE 1239
UPC: 760137255796