3: JFK Homicide


John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy, was perhaps the most well-known American president in history. JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 and Lee Harvey Oswald was thought to be the lone gunman when the FBI and the Warren Commission officially concluded that Oswald was the lone assassin, but its report was sharply criticized and many experts feel there were additional shooters involved. In this fascinating presentation, experience the riveting testimony of three individuals that were there on that fateful day. Dr. Robert McClelland – The surgeon who worked on JFK and on Lee Harvey Oswald. Imagine having the opportunity to speak with the doctor who worked on Abraham Lincoln. He tells us of Jackie’s reactions in Trauma Room 1 and of the discrepancies of the wounds he witnessed on JFK and the official autopsy photos. James Tague –  The third person wounded in Dealey Plaza that day along with JFK and Governor Connolly. Tague became inadvertently responsible for The Magic Bullet Theory. Standing unassumingly near the triple underpass watching the motorcade, Tague became wounded by a ricochet. Many today are completely unaware of his story. This is the gripping full account in his own words. Beverly Oliver – Ms. Oliver witnessed the fatal head shot and can be clearly seen in all film footage of the assassination. She reveals how the FBI confiscated her super 8 camera because she may have filmed the shooter on the Grassy Knoll and discloses that death threats were made against her if she spoke out. Beverly Oliver knew Jack Ruby personally and witnessed Lee Harvey Oswald and Mafia / CIA operative David Ferrie together at The Carousel Club before the assassination. She tells behind the scenes stories of the movie “JFK” when she was on the set with Oliver Stone and Kevin Costner.

Running Time: 90 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, JFK, Conspiracy, History 2016
Catalog# WWMM 358
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