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  • Nostradamus and the End Times


    Nostradamus and the End Times

    According to the ancient prophecies of Nostradamus, the end times are now upon us. Nostradamus and the End Times introduces the viewer to the bizarre, shadowy and terrifying cosmology of the world famous medieval seer. Learn how this humble apothecary rose to become the close confidante and advisor of the French royal family and how his grim predictions were condemned as black magick by the Church. Only the influence and patronage of the French Queen saved Michel de Nostredame from charges of heresy and certain death at the hands of the Inquisition.

    Join O.H. Krill, James Earnshaw and Brian Allan in this timely warning as they explore the truth and myths behind the enigmatic prophecies and quatrains credited to this legendary prophet. Was he a sorcerer or was he a genius? Learn how he accurately predicted the death of kings, the great fire of London, the rise of Adolf Hitler and the holocaust of the Second World War.

    Even Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are revealed, as are the current wars and tribulations in the Middle East. Learn that his most worrying prophecy concerns the end of humanity itself as the earth collides with a celestial body, the biblical death-star Wormwood, in a gigantic, final cataclysm. Is the end of humanity at hand? The answer is here, dare you ignore it?


    Running Time: 100 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Conspiracy, Prophecy, End Times
    Catalog# RYE 1105
    UPC – 886470025770

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  • Order of the Alchemists


    Order of the Alchemists

    Almost everybody is now aware of the infamous history of the Knights Templar. But not everybody realizes that there was another Order from the same time and with the same roots. This Order still exists today and has incredible power.

    This film reveals the true history of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and in so doing, we discover occult and sinister forces at play.

    From the days of heroic battles against Ottoman forces, to the alchemical world of the Grand Master himself, this film explores some very difficult questions:

    Who are these Knights?
    What was their role?
    Who gave them authority?

    The story of the Knights of Malta is filled with mystery, intrigue and excitement. Come with us on a journey into the heart of battle.

    Featuring cutting-edge computer generated reconstructions and exclusive footage filmed in the Order’s Sacra Infirmeria, Churches, Cathedrals, Castles and grand buildings throughout Europe.

    Order of the Alchemists; the Knights of Malta and Cagliostro


    Running Time: 60 plus minutes
    Catalog# RYE 1033
    UPC: TBD

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  • Paranormal Occult: Magick, Angels and Demons


    Paranormal Occult: Magick, Angels and Demons

    The Magick of Solomon: Lemegeton Secrets Revealed

    Learn how to invoke Angels and evoke Spirits to visible appearance. Stand in the Magick Circle with Masters of the Art as they conjure the Spirits of Bael and Astaroth (Baal and Astarte) to visible appearance in the Dark Mirror upon Solomon’s Triangle. Experience the Mystery and Transformative Power of Solomon’s Magick!

    The Rites of Magick

    The Secret Rites, Magical Empowerments and Powerful Techniques of a Magical Tradition older than the Golden Dawn’s Cypher Manuscript. A Journey into the Secret Realms of Hermetic Yoga (our Western counterpart to Tibetan Tantras), Magickal Pathworkings (Inner Plane Projection), Seasonal Ceremonies (The Ancient Rites of Melchizedek) and Eucharist.

    Dark Mirror of Magick

    Join a professional TV news crew as they document the inner sanctum of The Order of the Temple of Astarte to record a remarkable phenomenon: the summoning of the ancient spirit Vassago. See the entire operation in sequence, exactly as it happened. Hear the prophecies and predictions made by Vassago that occured only days after the ritual.




    Disclaimer – Viewer discretion is advised, do not engage in these practices without the supervision of an experienced adept.


    Running Time: 250 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Paranormal, Occult, Magick
    Catalog# RYE 1134
    UPC: 886470621798

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  • Paranormal Rosslyn Chapel: Haunted Portal of Spirits and Ghosts


    Paranormal Rosslyn Chapel: Haunted Portal of Spirits and Ghosts

    At the heart of a thousand mysteries, at the very core of the infamous Da Vinci Code is Rosslyn Chapel…an enigmatic wonder in stone. From the head of Jesus Christ to the Holy Grail, from secret texts of the Knights Templar to Dark Magick rituals and sacred frequencies, so many mysteries surround this legendary and foreboding monument. In this film, we carefully unlock the key to those mysteries and reveal an amazing secret. There is a hidden code, a hidden and lost language, now discovered and revealed. Prepare to enter a realm of darkness, kept from our eyes by those who wished to protect the secret. Prepare to enter the truly supernatural and paranormal world of our ancestors. Prepare to see into the abyss.

    Running Time: 60 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Paranormal, Supernatural, Occult
    Catalog# RYE 1142
    UPC: 887936527876

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  • Quantum Mind of God


    Quantum Mind of God

    What is the meaning of existence? Is there a Grand Architect? Is there an ultimate truth searched for by countless generations and lost in the mists of time?

    Today we have a new science, a new terminology to explain and expound upon the biggest beliefs and religious systems. It has become apparent that the truth and understanding of our inner-selves is, in the end, our ultimate quest. The void between belief and reality is indicative of the troubled planet we live on. As we all approach a dynamic future, the answers will emerge although they might not be what we’re expecting.

    Philip Gardiner is the international best-selling author of Gnosis, the Secret of Solomon’s Temple and The Ark the Shroud and Mary among others. He speaks at conferences across the globe, from the Australian Scientific and Metaphysical Symposium to Universities throughout Europe. He has been featured on the Discovery Channel and appeared on Fox News and hundreds of television and radio shows on his personal crusade to uncover the truth behind myths, legends and ancient mysteries.


    Running Time:111 minutes
    Catalog# RYE 1008
    UPC: TBD

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  • Science of Soul: The End-Time Solar Cycle of Chaos in 2012 A.D.


    Science of Soul: The End-Time Solar Cycle of Chaos in 2012 A.D.

    From the unified mind’s eye of Reality Press author John Jay Harper comes the complete visionary integration of physics and metaphysics, a Science of Soul. Indeed, this spiritual blend of music and mind-blowing graphics coupled with a finely-crafted scientific script filled-to-the-brim with facts will offer viewers the “lost key” to the secrets of the ages that was only briefly introduced in What the Bleep Do We Know? and The Secret. Specifically, our deepest relationship to the “magic of magnetism” and sacred site structures on Earth with the solar flare cycles of our Sun. In no uncertain terms, the Egyptians and Mayans did reveal to us in art, story, and symbolic temple rite form the life force energy that is about to also turn our world upside down and inside out. In a galactic “pole shift” that will ripple its serpentine solar power current through the swirling molten iron core of our planet-then us…this cataclysm will impact consciousness, climate, culture, and civilization like no other nuclear force known to mankind.

    Science of Soul unlocks the truth of ancient and modern wisdom-keepers. How Gnostics, Freemasons, Knights Templar, Shamans, Serpent and Sun Gods came to reveal the hidden, and so often, forbidden knowledge of the End-Time Solar Cycle of Chaos in era-2012 A.D.

    “John Jay Harper steps boldly to the forefront of mystics and scholars today, as darkness threatens to
    engulf the planet.”
    Brad Steiger, author of over 150 books including Revelation: The Divine Fire

    “John Jay Harper offers the new cutting-edge.”
    John Major Jenkins, author of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, Galactic Alignment, and Pyramid of Fire

    “Dr. Harper predicts dramatic shifts of magnetic patterns within our Milky Way Galaxy, Sun, and Earth-with results not unlike the fundamentalist religions’ End-Time scenario.”
    Professor Frederick O. Mills


    Running Time: 60 plus minutes
    Catalog# RYE 1004
    UPC: TBD

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  • Secret Societies


    Secret Societies

    Philip Gardiner has spent his life on a crusade uncovering the truth behind myths, legends and ancient mysteries. Author of the best selling Secrets of the Serpent and The Ark, the Shroud and Mary, the author now delves into another aspect of the human enigma with Secret Societies.

    In Secret Societies, Gardiner’s quest is to uncover truths and secrets of the world’s most powerful men in history. The journey takes him to dark places – sinister places that existed then and still exist today.

    Gardiner delves into a world that is formidably hidden from our eyes and finds himself in situations that seem to mirror the fictional world of the Da Vinci Code.

    • Discover the core of the ‘Secret Societies’ belief systems.
    • Explore the secret origins of Freemasonry and the links to Serpent Cults.
    • Examine the actual members of the “Illuminati”, analyze the history of the group in Europe and America.
    • Discover a link between the “enlightenment experience” and the control of the human mind.

    Gardiner finds himself getting involved at a deeper level. His journey shall serve as a reminder to us all that the search for the ultimate truth can often be a terrifying and life changing one.


    Running Time: 60 plus minutes
    Catalog# RYE 1011
    UPC: TBD

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  • Secret Societies and Sacred Stones: from Mecca to Megaliths


    Secret Societies and Sacred Stones: from Mecca to Megaliths

    For millennia mankind has worshipped stones, from Mecca to Megaliths we have held them aloft as sacred objects and gifts from the gods. The worship of sacred stones constitutes the most ancient form of religion. >From the origin of ritualized worship in Sumeria and Egypt, to Secret Societies such as the Knights Templar and the Illuminati, ancient stones have been idolized and used in secret and magical ceremonies unknown to the outside world. They have been placed at the very center of religious icons, used to take power over the souls of others and have been fashioned into beautiful gems and artifacts and yet, the stones remain a mystery – but why? What is the secret in the stones?

    In this unique film we uncover the secrets of the stones with a group of experts including Egyptologist, Ahmed Osman; Metallurgist, Robert Feather; UFO expert, Nick Pope; TV presenter on the esoteric, Franky Ma; filmmaker, Zachary Miller; and New York Times best selling author of mysteries, Patrice Chaplin.

    This special team was brought together for the motion picture, The Stone, and this fascinating documentary reveals the story behind the film and its meaning.

    Produced by mystery writer, Andrew Gough and Directed by Writer and Director of The Stone, Philip Gardiner, this special DVD features unseen footage from the movie, music and loads of special features. Prepare to enter a magical realm of secrets and mystery.


    Running Time: 75 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Conspiracy, History, Occult
    Catalog# RYE 1102
    UPC – 886470048069

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  • Secret World of the Knights Templar


    Secret World of the Knights Templar

    Within every religion there lurks an underground network controlling and manipulating those in power. Great knowledge was fostered and hidden by these groups. Wars and revolutions were carefully planned and orchestrated by a Universal Brotherhood. The knowledge and power of these people would be deemed sacred and protected. Whether it was practical methods of survival such as navigation and measurement or inner psychological and spiritual wisdom, it would become the foundation for secret societies the world over.

    Templars: The True Conspiracy
    Who runs the world? Is there a shadow world of powerful and elite men pulling the strings of our global society? If so, when did it originate and why?
    What were the Templars, Assassins, Druids, Augurs, Sufi’s and many more really planning for all of mankind?

    Bloodline of Jesus Christ
    Consultant to Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code,” Dr. Tim Wallace-Murphy talks about the true bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, the Secret
    Brotherhoods, the Knights Templar, the Cathars, and the Sufi’s in addition to revealing spiritual truths held sacred for centuries.

    Mystery of Mary Magdalene
    Journey to England and uncover a tale so mysterious it boggles the mind. Experts track down unknown texts, journey on a treasure hunt across Lincoln
    County and discover the final resting place of Mary Magdalene.




    Running Time: 210 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Knights Templar, Forbidden Knowledge, Unexplained Mysteries, History
    Catalog# SYE 076
    UPC: 812073022755

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  • Secrets of the Serpent: In Search of the Sacred Past


    Secrets of the Serpent: In Search of the Sacred Past

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  • The Ark, The Shroud, and Mary


    The Ark, The Shroud, and Mary

    Best-selling author of Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple
    and Secrets of the Serpent; In Search of the Sacred Past.

    Why do the Ark of the Covenant, Mary’s reliquary box, and Jesus’ Coffer all have the same imagery?

    Was the Ark the container of the Covenant, the Ten Commandments, or the Chalice?

    Does the image of the Shroud of Turin contain a bio-electric field?

    These questions and others will be explored in The Ark, The Shroud, and Mary. In this unique and thought-provoking work Gardiner proves that the Ark of the Covenant, the Shroud of Turin, and Mary are united in ways never before imagined.

    Traveling across the world, from Rome to India, Portugal to Egypt, Gardiner uncovers the trail of the Ark and finds that it does not lead to Ethiopia, as many believe, but instead in a direction that nobody could have imagined. The trail of the Ark takes Gardiner on a hunt into the very heart of an ancient secret society with clandestine meetings in far off lands. Uniting the myth, tradition, and language of the Ark with the Shroud of Turin, Gardiner then goes on to re-date it, reveal how it was made, and identify whose image it actually recreates.

    Through his new-found contacts in the world of secret societies, Gardiner then shows how this incredible secret was protected by a dual brotherhood throughout time and was the secret source of the enlightenment spoken of by numerous orders from the Sufis to the Knights Templar.

    The Ark, The Shroud, and Mary outshines The Da Vinci Code for the simple reason that it is the factual story of one man’s fight to uncover the truth.

    This DVD features music by Freakhouse, Ancients of MuMu, Warrior and more.

    “A suspense-filled, fact-packed adventure story…an epigrammatic tale that needs to be told to the whole wide world…clearly the next blockbuster movie sequel in the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ series.”
    -Dr. J. J. Harper, author, Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century.


    Running Time: 60 plus minutes,
    Catalog#RYE 1007
    UPC: TBD

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  • The Cross of Thoth


    The Cross of Thoth

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  • The Lost Secret of Immortality


    The Lost Secret of Immortality

    In the tradition of “What the Bleep Do We Know?,” and “The Secret”, The Lost Secret of Immortality explains the secrets of Asian enlightenment traditions for the Western audience. See what truths lies beyond “The Secret” by learning the secrets surrounding sex, personal ambition, and love are at your fingertips -all you have to do is reach out and grab them. The Lost Secret of Immortality will take you on a journey of the senses through the spiritual traditions of enlightenment. Presented with stunning and mind-bending visuals, the film delves into a vision of what is possible if we unlock the mysteries of the Universe. In this film, we see the vast and infinite knowledge passed on through the centuries by some of the world’s foremost New Age philosophers and teachers. Everything from meditation and the martial arts to tantric sex are uncovered and broken down into easy-to-understand teachings and practices. By experiencing The Lost Secret of Immortality, one will embark on a life-transforming revelation that will unlock the hidden and untapped power that exists within all of us.

    There is More to Life than you ever imagined possible…The True Secret was Hidden – Until Now.


    Running Time: 80 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Body Mind Spirit, Religion, Meta-Physics
    Catalog# RYE 1135
    UPC: 887936000645

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  • The Rainbow Serpent: Dawn of the New Age Beyond 2012


    The Rainbow Serpent: Dawn of the New Age Beyond 2012

    The Rainbow Serpent is a powerful and ancient energy current that travels around the world from Uluru (Ayres Rock, Australia) linking Planetary Chakras. The Aborigines knew this serpent well, their age old stories tell of two serpents; a female snake Kuniya and her nephew Liru, who meet at Uluru. The Rainbow Serpent feature documentary encompasses one man’s five year pilgrimage. Join Tor Webster in his travels around the earth’s chakra points, communicating and exploring global unity consciousness and discussing spirituality with tribal elders and sacred rites with the local spiritual communities. Gaia’s energy system is remarkably similar to our own with our connection to the earth far greater than we realize, WE are the awareness of the planet and its only hope of salvation. Linking the myths and legends from all over the planet, we find a deep culture that has been lost to the sands of time. This film aims to inspire people to travel consciously around the world and into their own hearts.

    Running Time: 120 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Body Mind Spirit, New Age, Meta-Physics
    Catalog# RYE 1126
    UPC – 886470654833

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  • The Real Bloodline


    The Real Bloodline

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  • The Spiritual World


    The Spiritual World

    Recorded live at The Seventh International Conference on Science & Consciousness in April 2005 in Sante Fe, Mexico. The Spiritual World discussion is designed to instruct the aspirant on the realities of the hidden universe. Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson has explored the spiritual world for more than 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the journey of the human soul from the before-life state, to incarnation, to the after-life, and beyond. This discussion will provide the seeker with an enlightened orientation to the Spiritual World.

    Once in a great while, the Creator grants us the opportunity for a rare glimpse into the inner workings of Nature. The mysteries of the spiritual world have remained hidden for thousands of years. During a series of intense revelations and divine interventions, Dr. Gibson was granted an extraordinary glimpse into the powerful innermost essence of the universe… the spiritual world. Join us for a once in a lifetime workshop of empowerment and self-exploration. This fascinating presentation will supercharge your spiritual journey and help you find a new beginning for your life.

    This talk is captured on one full length DVD. More than three hours of audio and video with question and answer sessions allow you to experience the phenomenon for yourself.

    Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson is a board-certified forensic psychiatrist, author, and public speaker. He received his medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, completing his residency training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. His profound experiences documented in hid book “Your Immortal Body of Light” have led him on a healing path outside of traditional medicine. Dr. Gibson teaches a spiritual development course and conducts seminars on the topics presented in this DVD.


    Running Time: 180 minutes
    Catalog#RYE 1017
    UPC: TBD

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  • The Truth Behind The Word


    The Truth Behind The Word

    What is the Occult? Is it a dark and sinister practice developed by mankind over the millennia in order to manipulate others? Or is it simply that which is not seen by the naked eye?

    In this film, OH Krill, Brian Allan and James Earnshaw come together to unlock the mystery, and for the first time definitively explain this enigmatic realm of hidden wisdom, exploring the mysticism of a deeper reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences, the “inner” nature to all things.

    Religion, shamanism, ritual magick, sacred practices and more are brought forth and put into our modern day perspective. The great master himself, Aleister Crowley, Dr. John Dee, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard and others are examined.

    Is the Occult truly synonymous with demonic possession and satanic worship or is it an empowering practice that predates history? Discover the secret and enter the world of Magick unlocking the key to your personal path.

    Running Time: 75 mins plus Special Features
    Catalog# RYE 1081
    UPC – 885444358449

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  • Viking Serpent


    Viking Serpent

    What do the three most evil symbols for Christianity – 666, the pentagram and the snake – have in common? Quite possibly one of the most amazing discoveries of all time, The Viking Serpent reveals an ancient and incredible legacy placed upon the landscape of Norway.

    In this film, best selling author Philip Gardiner takes us on a journey into Norway to meet author, Harald S. Boehlke who has uncovered this amazing mystery in the land of the Norse.

    Travel with us across a beautiful landscape, into the very heart of ancient serpent worship as we unravel the sacred language of our ancestors. See the amazing serpent Stave Churches up close; walk with us along the sacred pathways of the Celtic Church and discover their unique and clever symbolic devices; journey by boat to the Holy Island and enter a landscape virtually untouched by the ravages of time.

    The Viking Serpent is a discovery on the scale of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Lost Tomb of Jesus, holding ancient truths of wisdom from a lost, yet highly sacred Church. Prepare to be stunned by the ramifications of this incredible find, and embark on a stunning, visual journey into a forgotten time and land.

    “I can assure you that we are as excited by this discovery as you are.” -Henry Lincoln, co-author, The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail.

    Running Time: 90 plus minutes
    Catalog# RYE 1043
    UPC: TBD

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  • Witchcraft: The Magick Rituals of the Coven


    Witchcraft: The Magick Rituals of the Coven

    The History and Craft of Modern Day Witches

    Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations interviews Jeanette Ellis, lecturer on traditional British Witchcraft, member of PEBL, and author of “Forbidden Rites.” In this fascinating DVD, Jeanette reveals the truth and history behind Witchcraft:

    • The history of traditional Witchcraft in the United Kingdom.
    • How Witches practice their Craft.
    • The infamous “Witchfinder General,” Matthew Hopkins and how he persecuted supposed deviants called “Witches.”

    We also investigate the town of Mistley, home to Hopkins, and visit the infamous Swan Inn, the very location of the Witch trials. The Inn is believed to be the place where Hopkins ‘swam’ his victims and where he is allegedly buried and has been haunting ever since.


    Running Time: 75 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Witchcraft, Occult
    Catalog# RYE 1088
    UPC – 885444469367

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