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  • Monster Madness DELUXE MEGA DVD SET- From Universal to Hammer to Corman to Famous Monsters of Filmland!

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    Monster Madness DELUXE MEGA DVD SET- From Universal to Hammer to Corman to Famous Monsters of Filmland!

    Monster Madness – The Ultimate Series for Monster Fans!

    For a limited time you can own the most awesome set covering the beloved genre of Horror films AND get Christopher Lee: A Legacy of Horror and Terror as a special bonus!


    Monster Madness:  The Golden Age of the Horror Film

    Part one of a multi-part documentary series with distinguished actors, directors, writers, composers and special effects mavens examining the history of the horror, fantasy and science fiction films from the groundbreaking silent 1920s through the Golden Age of Universal, the Silver Age of Hammer and up through the 1980s and beyond. The Golden Age chapter covers the silent classics of Lon Chaney, to the great Universal Studios monsters of the 30’s and 40’s. Join Tom Proveaux, Forry Ackerman, Christopher Lee, Samuel Z. Arkoff, Janet Leigh and historian Gregory W. Mank, perhaps the foremost expert on the subject of classic horror films, as they discuss such classics as: Frankenstein, Dracula, The Black Cat, The Wolfman, King Kong, Bride of Frankenstein, and countless others. Grab the popcorn and take a deep breath as we conjure up the thrills, chills and magic of the movies!


    Monster Madness: Mutants, Space Invaders, and Drive-Ins

    Part two of a multi part documentary series with distinguished actors, directors, writers, composers and special effects mavens examining the history of the horror, fantasy and science fiction films from the groundbreaking silent 1920s through the Golden Age of Universal, the Silver Age of Hammer and up through the 1980s and beyond. Mutants, Space Invaders and Drive-Ins takes you into the 1950s and the Golden Age of Sci-Fi films. Many of these films were born out of the fear of atomic war and paranoia about UFO’s and the McCarthy anti-communist crusade. Covered are legendary films like The Thing, Forbidden Planet, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, This Island Earth. Plan 9 from Outerspace and many others. Includes a tribute to Forrest Ackerman, the legendary editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine and the man credited with coining the term “Sci-Fi”.


    Monster Madness: The Gothic Revival of Horror

    Part three of a multi-part documentary series with distinguished actors, directors, writers, composers and special effects mavens examining the history of the horror, fantasy and science fiction films from the groundbreaking silent 1920s through the Golden Age of Universal, the Silver Age of Hammer and up through the 1980s and beyond. The popularity of the Drive-In Theater peaked in the 60s with over 4000 in operation across the U.S. Samuel Z. Arkoff, Roger Corman and others made films like “I was a Teenage Werewolf”, “Reform School Girl” and “Teenage Caveman” specifically for teens at the Drive-In Movie Theater. In the same time frame, Hammer Films became known for a series of Gothic “Hammer Horror” films made from the mid-50s until the 70s. Hammer also produced science fiction, thrillers, Film noir, comedies and in later years, television series. Hammer made stylized movies utilizing quality British actors and cleverly designed sets. During its most successful years, Hammer dominated the horror film market worldwide.


    Monster Madness: The Counter Culture to Blockbusters

    Part four of a multi-part documentary series with distinguished actors, directors, writers, composers and special effects mavens examining the history of the horror, fantasy and science fiction films from the groundbreaking silent 1920s through the Golden Age of Universal, the Silver Age of Hammer and up through the 1980s and beyond. This DVD begins with the late 60’s era “Blacula” and Splatter films; then moves on to the cinematic evolution of the 70’s with “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” “The Planet of the Apes,” “The Exorcist” and the films of the great Stanley Kubrick; and then concludes with the apex of the 80’s including “Alien,” “Star Trek,” “The Howling” and more! Collect all four chapters in the Monster Madness series and enjoy never before seen interviews and fun-filled facts about the stars, the producers and the movies that made America want to go to the theater!


    Christopher Lee: A Legacy of Horror and Terror

    Sir Christopher Lee is perhaps the only actor of his generation to have starred in almost 300 films. Mr. Lee began his legendary career in monster movies in the 1950’s. He played a variety of villains and monsters, among them Frankenstein’s monster, the Mummy and Dracula, the latter in several uncontestable classics of the genre. Mr. Lee’s first legendary Hammer film was “The Curse of Frankenstein” and later he made his first of many appearances as Dracula in “Horror of Dracula.” Afterwards, he reprised his role as the legendary vampire and played other horror roles in dozens of Hammer productions appearing in nearly 50 horror films from 1959 to 1976, where he portrayed Dracula in many of them. Other memorable horror films of this era include “Corridors of Blood,” “The Two Faces of Doctor Jekyll,” “Dracula Prince of Darkness” and “Taste the Blood of Dracula.” His recurring roles as Fu Manchu, Sherlock Holmes, Scaramanga in the Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun,” and Rochefort in both “The Three Musketeers,” and “The Four Musketeers: Milady’s Revenge,” have all contributed to his legendary status as one of the greatest actors of all time. In addition, Mr. Lee has recently become known to a whole new generation of filmgoers as Suruman in “The Lord of the Rings” franchise and as Count Dooku in the “Star Wars” prequels. Christopher Lee was born in London in 1922 to one of the oldest families in Europe. He attended Eton College and Wellington College, where he studied Greek and Latin. During World War II, he served in the Royal Air Force and Special Forces and was decorated for distinguished service. This rare interview is a tribute to his long standing contribution to the cinematic arts.


  • GRINDHOUSE Theatre DVD Gift Collection!

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    GRINDHOUSE Theatre DVD Gift Collection!

    Lovers of Grindhouse get your fix! This makes a great gift for the Horror and Sexploitation Freak!



    Badass Babes

    If you think a woman can’t hold her own in the face of battle, guess again. These bad ass babes can slay dragons and slaughter armies. From Kung Fu masters, to post-Apocalyptic mercenaries, these babes show no mercy to those who oppose them.



    Bad Ass Babes 2

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or so they say, but these Bad Ass Babes take it to a whole other level with unbridled retribution, kicking ass and taking names as they mow down any man who doesn’t heed that warning. These babes show no mercy to those who oppose them!


    Grindhouse Horror Show

    Grindhouse lovers will revel in the most insane stories of Death, Booze, Sex, and Ghoulish Grindhouse Murders Galore in this terrifying anthology film collection comprised of Psychotic Demon Possessed Femme Fatales; Serial Killers in Electric Chairs; Demonic Succubae; Rabid Zombies; Gorey Amputations and much more! Featuring these twisted tales of Grindhouse Splatter:  Stitch Girl; The Ripper; Vice Day; Succubus; My Undead Girlfriend; Mother Knows Best; A Woman Scorned; Genital Genocide. 8 TALES OF HORROR, GORE and SLEAZE! OVER THREE HOURS OF MIND BLOWING GRINDHOUSE THRILLS!



    Grindhouse Nightmares

    Welcome to the Grindhouse experience like it was meant to be, killer story lines and themes zig zig across the screen in Grind-O-Vision, a nonstop thrill ride of babes, guns, muscle cars, motorcycle shoot outs, rendezvous with the devil and much more. From “Manhunt” to “Stripper with a Shotgun,” Grindhouse Nightmares is cinema exploitation at its best. Featuring Michael Madsen and the Queen of the Scream Queens, Linnea Quigley.


    Grindhouse Horror Show 2

    Grindhouse fans who revel in grit and gore, will love Volume 2 of Grindhouse Horror Show. From hot, sexy babes to the craziest monsters and creatures to hit the screen, this collection is a must have for any fan of Grindhouse horror!


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    Latex: Fetish or Fashion?

    Almost 200 years ago a Scottish chemist created rubberized fabric for raincoats. Little did he know that his fabric was going to be quickly adopted by the fetish community due to the snug fit and heightened sensations that it brings to the wearer. While the latex fetishists continued to design and refine its uses for sex play, it wasn’t until the 1960s that a fashion subculture truly began to emerge. Latex in the fashion world continued to spread its naughty allure until it eventually made the runways courtesy of Marc Jacobs and Dior. Today it is more popular than ever with fetishists, designers, special effects artists, celebrities and pop stars. Join filmmaker Warren Speed, as he investigates the sexy world of latex …that shiny rubber material that so many people love to touch.

    Featuring internationally renowned alternative fetish models Shelley D’Inferno, Katexenna and Dani Divine who are all social media success stories. He chats with Max Deviant who owns the Fetish Alternative Boutique in London, and Marnie Scarlett – a weird and wonderful cabaret performer known for the amazing latex costumes she makes for herself. Also featured is Stacey Black who designs latex for her popular Eustratia brand of clothing, and Latex Fashion TV the world’s leading online channel for latex clothing.

    Latex 2

    Latex: Fetish or Fashion rocked the world and shocked the world by exposing an underground fetish community that relishes wearing this rubberized fabric that so many people love to touch. In Latex  2, delve even deeper into the fascinating and erotic world of Latex. Featuring renowned alternative fetish models Emmerald Barwise and Sabien Demonia, who are both social media success stories. Also featuring kink educator Mistress Absolute, Skin Two magazine and KFSTV founder Tim Woodward, Yummy Gummy Latex (creators of astounding sheet latex), and leading latex fashion designers House of Harlot and Libidex.

    Voyeur: Sabina, Elle and Victoria

    Heavily tattooed rock chicks Sabina and Elle live together and work as tattoo artists. We follow them as they arrive home from work, get settled and then decide to try on some new latex outfits they’ve both been sent.  Watch as they sensually lubricate their shiny costumes. Later the pair of busty beauties pamper each other with a massage, before finally showering themselves clean. Victoria works a boring office job, but when she gets home and turns to some kinky fun we see another side of her. Enjoy experiencing her soaking in the bath, moisturizing herself, painting her nails before finally relaxing on her bed. Loaded with delightful feminine charms on display in this voyeuristic yet tasteful soiree.

    Voyeur: Jessica & Heidi

    Flat mates Jessica and Heidi work different shifts in different office jobs, but once at home they’re both kinky shameless vixens. We follow them individually as they arrive home on separate days and go about their domestic chores in a revealing state of undress .. relaxing, cleaning, having a bath, doing their hair and make-up. They both love trying on lots of different outfits too and we watch as they step in and out of various clothing. Lots of lovely flesh on show in this voyeuristic yet tasteful film.

    Voyeur: Anastacia & Carmen

    Burlesque dancer Carmen is at home and decides to try out some new costumes and dance moves. However it’s hot work and she’s soon parading around wearing very little at all. She’s an exhibitionist at heart and she just loves to tease. Alternative model Erica just loves to dress up but even more she loves to strip off.  Follow her as she pampers herself, poses in the mirror then pretends she’s doing a naughty photo shoot where anything goes. Lots of lovely flesh on show in this voyeuristic yet tasteful film.

    Voyeur: Aurora & Meredith

    Aurora is a young mother but she has a kinky side!  When everyone is out, she dresses provocatively and struts around her house without a care in the world, acting as though she’s a shameless harlot. As she gets more daring the clothes come off and she loses herself in the moment! Russian model Meredith has a hot date with a rock star tonight so it’s time to get ready. What rock chick inspired outfit should she wear? How should she do her makeup? Choices, choices – watch as she changes into and out of her seductive outfits. Lots of lovely flesh on display in this voyeuristic, yet tasteful film.


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  • Psychopaths: Sex with Hostages – The Ultimate Awesome Sick Ass Set!

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    Psychopaths: Sex with Hostages – The Ultimate Awesome Sick Ass Set!


    Psychopaths Sex with Hostages – The Original Films that Started It All!

    Two demented, perverse sickos on the run from a corrupt police force hell bent on justice for various crimes of rape, torture and murder.

    The Camera Killer – enter a world of grime, sleaze and sick adventure within the very real world of porn, perversion and depravity. One close-up and you’re DEAD.

    Stories of Torture and Horror – killer tales of unrelenting psychosis, psychos making snuff films and madmen escaping mental asylums and making women repent for their sins!

    Snuff Film – an insane adventure into the perverted and twisted mind of a true psychopath who shares his wild escapades into depravity with his only friend – his video cam.

    Psychopathic Tendencies: Sick Twisted, Perverse and Sadistic Tales 

    Psychopaths and Maniacs Galore! If you’ve seen “Psychopaths: Sex with Hostages” or “Snuff Film,” you’ve seen the radical work of Jason Impey – the notorious UK filmmaker whose twisted and bizarre films follow demented, perverse sickos on the run from the police for various crimes of rape, torture and murder. In this collection, one victim after another suffers at the hands of deranged individuals who have nothing on their minds but revenge, torture, rape and everything else the warped mind of man can imagine. Buckle up and hold on for a carnival of sickness and depravity! OVER 4 HOURS OF SICK, TWISTED, PERVERSE AND SADISTIC TALES! Mature Audiences Only!

    Psychopathic Maniacs: Tales of Depravity, Sadism, Horror and Gore

    Terrifying stories from acclaimed Cult and Sexploitation director Jason Impey. Prepare for over THREE HOURS of Gruesome stories of Revenge, Sadism, Murder, Rape, Sexual Perversion, Hatred and more Gore than you can swing a cat at – all on the lowest budget possible. See blood-curdling and sadistic violence unleashed with the finale of an abused young lad taking revenge on his abusive parents in a grotesque cannibalistic orgy. Not for the squeamish, Psychopathic Maniacs is a collection of stories with victim after victim suffering at the hands of Deranged Psychopathic Maniacs! WARNING: Contains Images of Nudity and Violence.

    Psychopaths: Backwoods Babes on the Run

    Babes in the woods was a fairy tale, but these babes are smokin’ hot and are bad ass to boot. On the run from Psychopath deviant lunatics, these babes fight back with all they got, check out this collection and see who comes out on top!

    Psychopaths, Maniacs and Lunatics: Sinful Female Hostages

    Terrifying pulp fiction cult stories with horror, gore and sexploitation galore. They are so gritty, lowbrow and intense you’ll think they’re real! They say truth is better than fiction but this collection will change your mind. Buckle up super cinema freaks and get your grind on!


  • VHS LIVES! Multi DVD Pack! Cult Film Expose!

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    VHS LIVES! Multi DVD Pack! Cult Film Expose!

    Get your VHS Boogie On!

    This specially priced AWESOME set will give you HOURS of enjoyment re living the coolest cult films ever committed to celluloid!

    VHS Lives! A Schlockumentary

    The VHS era was like none other in the history of cinema. This new format rose quickly in the early 70’s when there was a Block Buster on every street corner only to die off with the advent of the DVD in the early 2000s. But VHS is rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, being relived and retooled by the most dedicated and rabid fanbase of its kind. VHS Lives! goes deep into the psyche of VHS collectors, showing just why VHS is coming back into the public eye and why VHS is the hottest cult collector craze since the full beard and the boom in vinyl record sales. You may think you’re hip, but unless you own cult horror big box video nasties, with the faint whiff of mold and the smell of old video stores, you are very wrong! Directed and Produced by Tony Newton Producer of  “60 Seconds to Die”

    VHS Lives 2: Undead Format

    Step inside this time machine as we go back to the awesome era of VHS with in-depth discussions on the glory days of VHS, Video shops, renting videocassettes and VHS nostalgia. VHS is still relevant today and loved by so many people across the globe, VHS will never Die … Once called the “Dead Format” VHS has truly risen from the grave defining the odds and is taking no prisoners, find out why VHS still lives from VHS collectors themselves. VHS Lives part 2: Undead Format is a trip down memory lane with a look back at VCR players and VHS tapes. Sit back as we rewind back through cult VHS tapes, video players and video shop nostalgia! Sit back and immerse yourself in everything VHS, from collectors talking about their VHS memories, favorite VHS tapes and distributers – to the highs and lows of the VHS era!

    Welcome to My Darkside: Women in Horror

    Females in the horror genre have captivated audiences for decades. From Scream Queens to victims, heroes or killers, women keep horror alive. “Welcome to My Darkside” explores how women in the horror genre feel, from being in a male dominated world, to why they chose to cover themselves up with blood. What is it about horror that they love? You’ll find out from an array of women including Michelle Tomlinson (The Cellar Door) and Brooke Lewis (Slime City Massacre). Explore how women are treated differently on set with Lynn Lowry (The Crazies) and Adrienne King (Friday the 13th). Also clips from films Directed by Dana Pike and Darla Enlow (The Stitcher), Michelle Fatale (The Cleaner) and many more. Hosted by Miss Misery (Movie Massacre). Get ready to explore the sick and twisted minds of women in the horror genre. Welcome to our Darkside….


    Sale! $45.00 $35.00
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    OVER 4 HOURS of Alien Abductions, Implants, and general Alien Pursuit! This DVD pack is perfect for your horror/sci-fi buff!

    This Black OPS Friday deal won’t last long so HURRY NOW!

    Contains the following DVDs:

    Alien Psychosis

    All the Devil’s Aliens

    Alien Implant

    Alien Agenda: Project Grey

    $45.00 $35.00
  • ALIENWEEN: Halloween Party Apocalypse

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    ALIENWEEN: Halloween Party Apocalypse

    Four friends decide to spend Halloween night partying in a country house with call girls. The house has been abandoned ever since a tragic death occurred there years ago. While they are partying, strange slimy meteors begin to fall from the sky The raging storm outside brings them face to face with not only the house’s tragic past, but with an alien invasion of the strangest kind.  This Halloween, the Aliens are here and it’s not good! They came from Outer Space… to make one HELL of a Party!

    Awesome effects and visuals! – United Media Network.

    Totally original and entertaining as all get out! – Deadly Indie Drive In.

    Running Time: 90 minutes plus Special Features
    Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Suspense
    Catalog# SYE 057
    UPC: 812073022069

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  • Alien Psychosis

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    Alien Psychosis

    Ryan O’Neil, a War Veteran suffering from PTSD after being wounded in combat, returns home to his pregnant wife, Stephanie. Her brother Tony, a corrupt cop, has been helping her out while her husband has been serving the country. Ryan and Tony have never been fond of each other, and things get heated as Tony attempts to meddle with their marriage. But when Ryan starts to have flashes and visions of killers, extraterrestrials, and other strange beings in his house at night, he’s not sure whether it is real or if it is just in his mind. Stephanie, already on edge with Ryan, is deeply concerned about her husband’s behavior. As the days go by, Ryan will soon find out what sinister presence has been haunting him in his nightmares.

    “The Strangers on Steroids!” – Scream Queens

    “Close Encounters of the Psychosis Kind!” – deadlyindieblogspot

    “Ambitious and Infectious.” – Nerdremix


    Running time: 75 minutes plus Special Features
    Genre: Horror, Drama, Suspense, Psychological Thriller
    Catalog#RYE 1213
    UPC: 760137241195

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  • All The Devils Aliens

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    All The Devils Aliens

    What Stanton Pinborough knows could change the world and topple governments overnight. He is sustained by a team of nurses around the clock, but no one has actually seen the eccentric and reclusive ex-government researcher for over 30 years. It’s Michael’s first night on the job when he begins to see shadows emerge from halls and doorways. Michael’s supervisor, Robin, seems to know many of Pinborough’s secrets and suddenly disappears unleashing a maelstrom of horror beyond his wildest imagination. Michael has no choice but to confront Pinborough who reveals that he was a part of The Majestic 12 and covertly recovered an alien infant from the Roswell crash in 1947. He has kept the alien a secret all these years as retaliation for his own son’s abduction years prior. Now Michael must retrieve the alien baby or risk being abducted himself. Hell is empty…all the devils are here.

    Running Time: 105 minutes plus Special Features
    Genre: Horror, Alien, Paranormal
    Catalog# SYE 003
    UPC: 812073020683

  • AEON: The Last Vampyre On Earth

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    AEON: The Last Vampyre On Earth

    Fleeing a cataclysm of unimaginable origin, Catherine in a nightmare while holed up in a crumbling warehouse where a crypto classified “human predator,” has been accidentally set free. Catherine soon realizes that she is in fact not alone – coming face to face with the last Vampyre who is starving from being imprisoned in a weakened state for decades. Catherine begins to fear that she may have stumbled into her own tomb, but reaches within herself to engage with the creature learning more about human history than the world outside would dare to face, a truth so alarming and illusion shattering that it could only be told by the last Vampyre on Earth.

    Running Time: 75 minutes plus Special Features
    Genre: Horror, Suspense, Paranormal, Drama
    Catalog# SYE 001
    UPC: 812073020461

  • Alien Implant: The Hunted Must Become the Hunter

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    Alien Implant: The Hunted Must Become the Hunter

    A brilliant female recluse sends a distress signal into outer space from a remote location. When the Aliens arrive, they realize it’s not a distress signal, it’s an ingenious trap designed to exact revenge on the extraterrestrials who abducted her as a child.

    “Highly Original and Inventive, a MUST SEE!” – Starburst

    “A Mind-blowing and utterly Scarylicious Film” –

    “A Bad Ass Woman for a Change! Turns All Alien Films Upside Down!” – Evo News

    Running Time: 75 minutes plus Special Features
    Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Suspense
    Catalog# RYE 1199
    UPC: 191091363911

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  • Alien Agenda: Project Grey

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    Alien Agenda: Project Grey

    It’s fear that they seek! Dr. Schroder listens to her criminally insane patient as he recounts the story of the murder of his four friends. A story of infidelity, jealousy and revenge takes a strange turn revealing an Alien Agenda. Chip implants, government mind control, Russian military and Alien visitors form the puzzle pieces of this science fiction thriller. A search for the answers leads to the mind bending truth…It’s our fear that they seek. The Aliens are HERE and they show no mercy toward mankind, only disgust for what the human race has become.

    Running Time: 90 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Feature Film, Alien, Conspiracy, Action
    Catalog# RYE1116
    UPC: 886470302697

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