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  • Enigmas of the Ancient World

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    Enigmas of the Ancient World

    Welcome to a world of mystery and legend. From supposed stargates to powerful deities; from fantastic giants to steampunk style science fiction. This is not an alien planet or a fantasy land, this is planet Earth of the past. And yet, it was a world of wonder and great physical and mental achievements. Now, even with our modern day science, there are a great many remnants of the ancient world that remain an enigma. From the great civilizations of antiquity we will discover the amazing works of architecture and art. Huge monuments erected for gods and kings. Mysterious artifacts re-discovered after remaining hidden for thousands of years.

    Includes: The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, The Temple of Artemis, The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes, Lighthouse of Alexandria, The Antikythera mechanism, The Colosseum, and Machu Picchu.

    “Riveting insight into our origins and pre-history.” – Starburst

    “Well researched and highly compelling.” – Phenomenon Magazine

    “Startling research, the evidence is overwhelming.” – Zohar Media


    Running Time: 70 min plus special features
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, Aliens, UFOs, Science & Nature Docs
    Catalog# RYE 1240
    UPC: 760137255895

  • Alien Gods

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    Alien Gods

    Our civilization as we know it emerged as if by magic. For millennia ancient man hunted and gathered but, after thousands of generations, mankind suddenly settled down and civilization emerged as if from nowhere. Suddenly, complex tools, art, literature, agriculture, math, astronomy and massive monuments to the gods appear out of ancient Sumeria. The same Gods the Sumerian clay tablets tell us had come down to Earth from heaven to give us knowledge and life. We are now discovering evidence of mankind’s legacy that differs from the doctrine we’ve been told for millennia and that the truth is stranger than fiction. Our pantheon of Gods may themselves have been descendants from Alien beings and it’s clear now that our history goes back thousands of years more than previously thought.

    “Well researched and highly captivating.” – Strange is Normal Mag

    “If you ever doubted the existence of Aliens and UFOs, watch this film.” – UFO Insider

    “We have had contact with Alien cultures.” – Astronaut, Dr. Brian O’Leary


    Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Alien, UFO, Paranormal
    Catalog# RYE 1254
    UPC: 760137344599

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  • Alien Mummies of Peru

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    Alien Mummies of Peru

    A non-human, alien mummy was recently found in Peru that could be the greatest discovery of all time. The remarkable ancient mummified body, dubbed Maria, has three fingers on each hand. It was discovered in Nazca, Peru. While mummies can excite historians, this particular find may alter the story of human origins forever. Dating back 1600 years or more, some experts say it is evidence of an ancient reptilian race. Are we looking at the remains of the ‘gods’ that according to many ancient texts descended from the heavens in the distant past, or are we looking at an Alien species that existed on Earth long before humans came into existence? Explore the mystery of the Alien Mummies of Peru.

    “The Most Important Discovery in Human History” – Philip Gardiner, author of the Serpent Grail

    “Science cannot refute the X-rays, these are unidentifiable humanoid creatures and they are REAL, it’s going to change the World” – OH Krill

    “Riveting evidence of a game changing discovery.” – Starburst


    Running Time: 95 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Ancient Aliens, Unexplained Mysteries, Science and Technology
    Catalog# RYE 1257
    UPC: 760137354994

  • Alien Artifacts – The Lost World

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    Alien Artifacts – The Lost World

    The shocking existence and unexplained origins of artifacts that are so technologically advanced they have mystified scientists and researchers for decades. They defy comprehension and contradict all we have been told about the ancient world. From the 500,000 year old spark plug, to the billion year old metal spheres, prepare to have your mind blown with the fascinating Alien Artifacts found on planet Earth.


    “Fascinating research and insight into the most astounding objects on Earth.” – Philip Gardiner, author of the Serpent Grail

    “Finally, the facts coming to light, the Aliens were HERE!” – Paranormal Magazine

    “Startling insight into the enigma of our Ancient Future.” – UMN

    SPECIAL! Buy now and get a complimentary copy of Cosmic Conspiracy! 

    Running Time: 80 minutes
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Science and Technology
    Catalog# RYE 1243
    UPC – 760137277897

  • Aliens and Atlantis: Stargates and Hidden Realms

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    Aliens and Atlantis: Stargates and Hidden Realms

    <p align=”justify”>Atlantis is known across the world as a myth. But is this really the truth? No matter what cultural history we explore, we discover a story very similar to the one we know about Atlantis…why? For years, experts and researchers have been looking in the wrong place, at the wrong people and for the wrong thing. For too long historians have focused on a few words left to us by Plato whose meaning they misunderstood. The fact is, even Plato didn’t understand what had been told to him. The startling truth is that the remnants of Atlantis are all around us right now and have been for a very long time – long before recorded history. New research and insight exposes Atlantis to be a pivotal part of our ancient beginnings. The legendary lost city that many think of as myth, was in fact a very real and highly advanced civilization that was uniquely aware of the laws of the universe and was able to access hidden dimensions and make contact with extraterrestrial races. This is the story of the real Atlantis. This is the real lost history of mankind itself.</p>

    “Fascinating research and evidence of a lost epoch in history.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies.

    “Highly entertaining and enlightening.” – United Media Network.

    “Philip Gardiner has found the ‘Hiram Key’ to Atlantis – Bravo!” – John Jay Harper, author of Tranceformers, Shamans of the 21st Century.


    Running Time: 60 minutes plus Special Features
    Genre: Atlantis, Conspiracy, History, Human Interest
    <span class=”caps”>Catalog#RYE</span> 1180
    <span class=”caps”>UPC</span>: 889290392480


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