• Alien Origins: Beings of Light

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    Alien Origins: Beings of Light

    Truths have been hidden from us for hundreds of years. In antiquity, a few had glimpsed the secrets that history has long forgotten but were silenced before they could reveal the most secret knowledge of all – the true origins of mankind. We have made contact with beings from another world as well as entities from other dimensions. These beings possess the most sacred knowledge in the cosmos. In the most ancient of times, we called them Gods and now that we are exploring space, it is time to come to terms with our true origins. From the Crystal Skulls to the Great Pyramid of Egypt and much more, prepare for a journey that could change history as we know it.

    “Riveting insight into the enigma of Ancient Aliens.” – Awesome Mag

    “Fascinating and well researched bringing long forgotten facts back into the fold.” – United Media Network

    Running Time: 70 mins with Special Features
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, Aliens and UFOs, Science and Technology
    Catalog# RYE 1263
    UPC: 760137384298

  • Aliens & Hippies

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    Aliens & Hippies

    It was the age of Aquarius, a time of civil unrest and radically different viewpoints creating a radical divide among the populace; not unlike the political divide we are experiencing today. Drug use and psychedelic experimentation exploded onto the scene like nothing before and people from all generations were tuning out, to tune in to a wholly different consciousness via transcendental meditation and other means. What they didn’t expect was outer space listening in. As a result of this mind blowing expansion of consciousness, many of those involved in this counter culture explosion claim to have made contact with aliens from outer space, many of them are today’s leaders in technology and the digital revolution.

    “If you thought ‘How William Shatner Changed the World’ was mind blowing, watch this!” – Phenomena Mag

    “It’s now easy to see the chain of technological advancements that former Hippies have brought to market.” – UMN


    Running Time: 70 mins with Special Features
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Aliens and UFOs, Science and Technology, Human Interest
    Catalog# EWO 009
    UPC: 760137384298

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  • Aliens in LA

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    Aliens in LA

    Los Angeles has had the most Alien and U.F.O. sightings in the entire world since the 1950’s. This unique documentary takes an unparalleled look at several of those encounters over the years with shocking, previously unseen eyewitness interviews, evidence and re-enactments.

    “Riveting insight into a global phenomenon.” – Starburst

    “Well researched and highly compelling.” – Phenomenon Magazine

    “The shocking truth about the Alien Agenda is something that the people of Earth are not prepared for.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies


    WWMM 404
    Running Time: 75 mins
    Genre: Feature Documentary, UFO, Aliens, Conspiracy
    Catalog# WWMM 404
    UPC: 760137315094

  • Cosmic Conspiracy

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    Cosmic Conspiracy

    There is a conspiracy to rule the world, but the truth is far stranger than fiction. The truth in essence, is that Reality isn’t what it seems. With UFO sightings on the rise, sinister programs to spy on unsuspecting citizens and black projects like MK Ultra proven to be real, what’s left in that massive wake is the question of “what else” is going on that we are not aware of? This is the question we should be asking ourselves, what is being kept from the people and why? An intelligent mind can only deduce that there are indeed clandestine groups that control the world, through a web of deceit spun from their conspiracy machine, creating a “reality” that most people abide by. Reality is changing everyday, being manipulated like clay to serve the agenda of these elite puppet masters. Now is the time to awaken, and realize the biggest conspiracy of them all – the Cosmic Conspiracy.

    “Startling and shocking, this new evidence is a bombshell.” – Philip Gardiner, director of “A False Reality”

    “If you ever doubted the existence of Aliens and UFOs, watch this film.” – United Media Network

    “We Are Not Alone.” – Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar D. Mitchell


    Running Time: 70 mins with Special Features
    Genre: UFO, Aliens, Conspiracy
    Catalog# RYE 1246
    UPC: 760137284390

  • Elusive: Bigfoot Abroad

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    Elusive: Bigfoot Abroad

    The Bigfoot creature is well known in North America but reports of 8 foot tall unknown primates abound in the forests of the UK and are reported weekly.  This Euro Sasquatch is described by eyewitnesses as being between six and eight feet tall with a pronounced brow, a rounded crested head like a gorilla and often all black in color. There are over 500 sightings of creatures fitting these descriptions and many encounters border on the supernatural.

    “Amazing Accounts of Bigfoot from around the World!” – Rick Wallen, Sasquatch Hunter

    “The evidence is overwhelming, we have an UNKNOWN primate.” – Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Professor of Anthropology at Idaho State University


    Running Time: 97 mins
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Science and Nature, Human Interest
    Catalog# RYE 1262
    UPC: 760137383895



  • Nostradamus Future Tense

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    Nostradamus Future Tense

    There are some people who have walked this planet that leave behind a legacy so profound that their name is remembered for generations. They affect society and draw followers from far and wide. Sometimes these people become messiahs, sometimes they become serial killers. Nostradamus will be remembered in the annals of history firstly as a prophet and seer. Others will remember him as a con-artist, thief and liar. As is ever the case, it is often a matter of what you believe. But the truth is that there are even now in the 21st century predictions made by that infamous character that cannot be explained with rationality. From predicting the death of kings and the emergence of evil upon the world to the very end of civilization as we know it. Welcome to the world of the most famous and infamous prophet, Michel de Nostredame aka Nostradamus.

    “Way beyond a conspiracy theory.” – Extreme DVD

    “Shocking and revelatory.” – Videoscope

    “Well researched and highly compelling.” – OH Krill – Author of Montauk Babies


    Running Time: 70 mins plus special features
    Genre: Conspiracy, Prophecy, End Times
    Catalog# RYE 1252
    UPC – 760137336594

  • Social Media Apocalypse

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    Social Media Apocalypse

    Today billions of people walk around like living zombies, glued to their mobile devices. They post pictures of their latest everyday outings or selfies of themselves living some exciting life that is in reality a lie. Social media can inform and enlighten but can also manipulate, control and destroy innocent people. It is changing humanity and is the new master of our daily lives but some are calling it a virtual prison that we willingly engage in while oblivious to the sinister agenda behind the technology. Utilized by corporations and political factions to spy and collect information on our lives in an attempt to sway the public toward an ulterior agenda. Social media is changing the face of the planet, we are becoming slaves to a technology master.

    “Orwell’s 1984 was truly the foreteller of the world we live in now.” – United Media Network

    “Startling expose, the ramifications for “free will” are staggering.” – Flatlands


    Running Time: 75 mins with Special Features
    Genre: Social Documentaries, Human Interest, History
    Catalog# RYE 1229
    UPC: 760137214298

  • YES, They Are Controlling Our Minds!

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    YES, They Are Controlling Our Minds!

    What was once an Orwellian fable is now our reality. Even though our ancestors were controlled by the ruling elite comprised of royalty and religions, they would not recognize what has become of our world today and amazingly very little has in fact changed. The difference is, we believe we are free, when in truth we are controlled, manipulated and cajoled into action or inaction. We are bled dry of our money, time, lives and even our very souls. Prepare to open your eyes to the world of social media, news sites, marketing and propaganda that makes us live the lives we do. Yes, they ARE controlling our minds.


    Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, New World Order, Human Interest
    Catalog# RYE 1258
    UPC: 760137355090

  • A Prison on Earth: Beyond The New World Order

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    A Prison on Earth: Beyond The New World Order

    The very advent of time began the slave master hierarchy between us and those unseen forces behind our every action and thought. They built and created “rules” and systems of thought, created kingdoms and spawned religions used to rule the masses from afar by controlling the ebb and flow of space and time on an epic level. Under the guise of “free will” and “individualism” the systems in place around us actually ensure that we have no choice but to comply and obey an underlying agenda that at its core is evil, and have been put in place by beings that feed and are nurtured by the control they maintain over planet Earth.

    “Every element of society has been infiltrated, if not created, to control our every move”– Flatlands.

    “The Orwellian Apocalypse is truly upon us, this is REQUIRED viewing” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies.

    “The case for government by elites is irrefutable” – Senator William Fulbright, Former chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


    Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
    Catalog# WWMM 343

  • A Conspiracy To Rule: The Illuminati

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    A Conspiracy To Rule: The Illuminati

    There is a sinister group that controls the world. They hide behind a system they have created, that they control from within other organizations that have a global reach. They are not presidents and politicians; they are the ones who manipulate such people like puppet masters. Are you prepared for the truth? Then join us on our journey into the heart of the Illuminati. A World Ruled by Evil: Through manipulation, marketing, propaganda and force, the Illuminati control the world, but they aren’t the politicians you’re thinking of because most often the politicians are pawns themselves. The ruling elite are members of a long line through history that stretches back thousands of years and can be traced through their bloodline. A Conspiracy To Rule: Investigate how the Global Elite who comprise the New World Order, strive relentlessly to form a One World Government, pulling the strings of deception through manipulation of the media and mechanisms that control our very thoughts and actions. COMPREHENSIVE MULTI DVD SET. OVER TWO HOURS OF THE DARKEST CONSPIRACY AND CORRUPTION EXPOSED!

    “The frightening side of conspiracy theories.” – United Media Network

    “So, you thought you lived in a free country did you? Think again.” – Awesome Mag

    “Every element of society has been infiltrated, if not created, to control our every move.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies.

    Running Time: 120 minutes plus Special Features
    Genre: Conspiracy, Secret Societies, New World Order, Illuminati
    Catalog# SYE 068
    UPC: 812073022458



  • Alien Artifacts – The Lost World

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    Alien Artifacts – The Lost World

    The shocking existence and unexplained origins of artifacts that are so technologically advanced they have mystified scientists and researchers for decades. They defy comprehension and contradict all we have been told about the ancient world. From the 500,000 year old spark plug, to the billion year old metal spheres, prepare to have your mind blown with the fascinating Alien Artifacts found on planet Earth.


    “Fascinating research and insight into the most astounding objects on Earth.” – Philip Gardiner, author of the Serpent Grail

    “Finally, the facts coming to light, the Aliens were HERE!” – Paranormal Magazine

    “Startling insight into the enigma of our Ancient Future.” – UMN

    SPECIAL! Buy now and get a complimentary copy of Cosmic Conspiracy! 

    Running Time: 80 minutes
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Science and Technology
    Catalog# RYE 1243
    UPC – 760137277897

  • Alien Gods

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    Alien Gods

    Our civilization as we know it emerged as if by magic. For millennia ancient man hunted and gathered but, after thousands of generations, mankind suddenly settled down and civilization emerged as if from nowhere. Suddenly, complex tools, art, literature, agriculture, math, astronomy and massive monuments to the gods appear out of ancient Sumeria. The same Gods the Sumerian clay tablets tell us had come down to Earth from heaven to give us knowledge and life. We are now discovering evidence of mankind’s legacy that differs from the doctrine we’ve been told for millennia and that the truth is stranger than fiction. Our pantheon of Gods may themselves have been descendants from Alien beings and it’s clear now that our history goes back thousands of years more than previously thought.

    “Well researched and highly captivating.” – Strange is Normal Mag

    “If you ever doubted the existence of Aliens and UFOs, watch this film.” – UFO Insider

    “We have had contact with Alien cultures.” – Astronaut, Dr. Brian O’Leary


    Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Alien, UFO, Paranormal
    Catalog# RYE 1254
    UPC: 760137344599

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  • Alien Mummies of Peru

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    Alien Mummies of Peru

    A non-human, alien mummy was recently found in Peru that could be the greatest discovery of all time. The remarkable ancient mummified body, dubbed Maria, has three fingers on each hand. It was discovered in Nazca, Peru. While mummies can excite historians, this particular find may alter the story of human origins forever. Dating back 1600 years or more, some experts say it is evidence of an ancient reptilian race. Are we looking at the remains of the ‘gods’ that according to many ancient texts descended from the heavens in the distant past, or are we looking at an Alien species that existed on Earth long before humans came into existence? Explore the mystery of the Alien Mummies of Peru.

    “The Most Important Discovery in Human History” – Philip Gardiner, author of the Serpent Grail

    “Science cannot refute the X-rays, these are unidentifiable humanoid creatures and they are REAL, it’s going to change the World” – OH Krill

    “Riveting evidence of a game changing discovery.” – Starburst


    Running Time: 95 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Ancient Aliens, Unexplained Mysteries, Science and Technology
    Catalog# RYE 1257
    UPC: 760137354994

  • Enigmas of the Ancient World

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    Enigmas of the Ancient World

    Welcome to a world of mystery and legend. From supposed stargates to powerful deities; from fantastic giants to steampunk style science fiction. This is not an alien planet or a fantasy land, this is planet Earth of the past. And yet, it was a world of wonder and great physical and mental achievements. Now, even with our modern day science, there are a great many remnants of the ancient world that remain an enigma. From the great civilizations of antiquity we will discover the amazing works of architecture and art. Huge monuments erected for gods and kings. Mysterious artifacts re-discovered after remaining hidden for thousands of years.

    Includes: The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, The Temple of Artemis, The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes, Lighthouse of Alexandria, The Antikythera mechanism, The Colosseum, and Machu Picchu.

    “Riveting insight into our origins and pre-history.” – Starburst

    “Well researched and highly compelling.” – Phenomenon Magazine

    “Startling research, the evidence is overwhelming.” – Zohar Media


    Running Time: 70 min plus special features
    Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, Aliens, UFOs, Science & Nature Docs
    Catalog# RYE 1240
    UPC: 760137255895

  • Aliens and Atlantis: Stargates and Hidden Realms

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    Aliens and Atlantis: Stargates and Hidden Realms

    <p align=”justify”>Atlantis is known across the world as a myth. But is this really the truth? No matter what cultural history we explore, we discover a story very similar to the one we know about Atlantis…why? For years, experts and researchers have been looking in the wrong place, at the wrong people and for the wrong thing. For too long historians have focused on a few words left to us by Plato whose meaning they misunderstood. The fact is, even Plato didn’t understand what had been told to him. The startling truth is that the remnants of Atlantis are all around us right now and have been for a very long time – long before recorded history. New research and insight exposes Atlantis to be a pivotal part of our ancient beginnings. The legendary lost city that many think of as myth, was in fact a very real and highly advanced civilization that was uniquely aware of the laws of the universe and was able to access hidden dimensions and make contact with extraterrestrial races. This is the story of the real Atlantis. This is the real lost history of mankind itself.</p>

    “Fascinating research and evidence of a lost epoch in history.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies.

    “Highly entertaining and enlightening.” – United Media Network.

    “Philip Gardiner has found the ‘Hiram Key’ to Atlantis – Bravo!” – John Jay Harper, author of Tranceformers, Shamans of the 21st Century.


    Running Time: 60 minutes plus Special Features
    Genre: Atlantis, Conspiracy, History, Human Interest
    <span class=”caps”>Catalog#RYE</span> 1180
    <span class=”caps”>UPC</span>: 889290392480



  • Area 51 EXPOSED

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    Area 51 EXPOSED

    Area 51 is a highly classified, heavily guarded USAF facility, located within the Nevada desert that is reported to house Alien beings and actual UFOs that are being reverse engineered. Many people are determined to “Storm” the base by running en masse to crash the gates and take it over. Will they find Aliens and flying saucers, or will it end in a massacre for those violating our national security and laws put in place to protect our nation?

    “Riveting expose, the people NEED to know.“ – The UFO Insider

    “Startling insight into the enigma of the most notorious military base on earth.” – Paranormal Magazine

    “The shocking truth about the Alien Agenda is something that the people of Earth are not prepared for.“ – Jim Marrs, best selling author


    Running Time: 75 mins with Special Features
    Genre: Feature Documentary, UFO, Aliens, Conspiracy
    Catalog# RYE 1248
    UPC: 760137314691

  • Discovering Bigfoot

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    Discovering Bigfoot

    Discovering Bigfoot is the first feature film documentary with real live interaction between a Bigfoot creature, wilderness experts, PhD’s and other world renowned experts and researchers of the Bigfoot enigma. Journey into the heart of Sasquatch Country with Todd Standing who appeared with Survivorman’s Les Stroud in “Survivorman Bigfoot”. Experience three incredible days in the field with Bigfoot researchers, Todd Standing and renowned expert Professor Dr. Jeff Meldrum as they encounter a real live Sasquatch. What we think we know of human origins and evolution is about to change forever as we discover the truth about a species that has remained elusive by outwitting and evading modern man for decades despite his best efforts. New evidence is revealed through scientific, systematic, and logical processes proving the existence of the Sasquatch species, modern day descendent of Gigantopithicus, a.k.a. Bigfoot.

    This unprecedented feature film includes –

    *Never before seen, extraordinary Sasquatch footage that will shock the world.

    *A terrifying altercation between Todd Standing and 3 Sasquatch creatures in the wild.

    *Five never before seen video encounters with the Sasquatch species and overview of the life and death struggle that was necessary to acquire them.


    “I am firmly convinced these are filmed portraits of the Sasquatch face.” – Wildlife Biologist, John Bindernagel, PhD

    “Utterly Riveting Footage and Testimony.” – Philip Gardiner, Award Winning Director of “A False Reality”


    Running Time: 90 mins plus Special Features
    Genre: Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Science and Nature, Feature Documentary, Human Interest
    Catalog# RYE 1210

  • Ancient Aliens and the New World Order

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    Ancient Aliens and the New World Order

    Did you know that George Bush, Al Gore, Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are all related? Did you know that the power elite controlling the world today can trace their ancestry back to the Sky Gods of the ancient past? Did you know our moon was placed in orbit millennia ago and came from somewhere deep in space? Our planet is replete with examples of Ancient Alien visitation, but most of this knowledge is not common, and has been sequestered away and known only by the power elite. Jim Marrs, author of the best-selling book “Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?” takes you into this secret world and exposes the truth about Ancient Aliens and their connection to modern rulers. In this presentation, you will see how ancient technology has helped advance certain families and monarchies throughout history and separated the people in power from the rest of us. Today they control industry and the media, while continuing to dictate our lives! Who are the Sky Gods? Where are they from? Learn the truth to the Alien Presence on earth.

    Running Time: 75 minutes plus Special Features
    Genre: Aliens, UFO’s, Conspiracy
    Catalog# SYE 007
    UPC: 812073020966

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  • UFO Chronicles: Masters of Deception

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    UFO Chronicles: Masters of Deception

    UFO Chronicles is an unprecedented and uncensored film series featuring the top authorities on the UFO enigma. Pilots, Astronauts, Government Officials, Military Officials, Medical Experts, Scientists, Religious Leaders and more reveal in never before seen interviews the ramifications of the Alien Presence on planet Earth. The UFO Chronicles collector’s series discloses information you were never meant to know. Join historian and lecturer Richard Dolan, author of critically acclaimed book series UFOs and the National Security State and Nick Pope, known as the “Real Fox Mulder,” who worked as a special investigator regarding UFO’s and aerial phenomena for the UK’s ministry of defense until 2006 and is now a freelance British journalist and media commentator on the subject. This edition of UFO Chronicles reveal insights into the UFO enigma and the Alien Presence on Earth exploring the role of global corporations and the one world government movement and how it influences the cover-up of the UFO phenomenon today.

    RYE 11315
    Running Time: 75 mins with Special Features
    UPC: 191091395240

  • Aliens in Egypt

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    Aliens in Egypt

    The Pyramids are the most epic monuments the world has ever seen, but the mystery of the true origins of these gargantuan edifices remains an enigma. Who really built these ancient megalithic structures and why were pyramids built in strategic locations all around the globe, then at a later date mysteriously abandoned seemingly overnight?

    In this space age, with its remarkable technological engineering and scientific advances, it is unfathomable that the construction of the pyramids and other amazing works of the ancient world could not be duplicated. New evidence of highly advanced, precision machining on Egypt’s Giza plateau gives credence to the Ancient Alien hypothesis. This is further supported by glyphs of futuristic vehicles, bizarre flywheels and other artifacts and monuments cut with laser precision.

    “Awesome documentary, sifts through the nonsense to get to the truth” – Newsbreaker

    “Excellent research and new evidence that we are not alone” – OH Krill author of Montauk Babies

    “Cuts deep to the source of the Alien Enigma” – Philip Gardiner, best selling author


    Running Time: 67 minutes plus Special Features
    Genre: Ancient Aliens, Egypt, Conspiracy, History
    Catalog# RYE 1193
    UPC: 191091196441